2020 was nothing like what we expected. It started with the Australian bushfires followed by earthquakes, communal riots and what not.

But it was a start that led to something big, aka the Coronavirus- The pandemic which brought countries to a standstill has disrupted entire human life.

But now, it has brought relief to one particular group of humans- students. In light of the recent decision taken by the government, all the first and second-year college students of Maharashtra will be promoted to the next year.

The decision is only applicable to the 16 lakh students of public universities, although private universities are expected to follow suit.

Why Are Final Year Students Unhappy?

However, the government has not managed to satisfy everyone. Final year students will give their exams from July 1-30.

The move is being criticized by the students who feel that they have already suffered enough. In addition to finding jobs in an unstable economy, their final year of college was ruined by the virus.

Still, this move means that the fate of students will be in their hands. The last semester is important, as it plays a huge role in determining the final grade.
Nonetheless, hope still lingers as the government will give its final decision on June 20.

The Grading System

The promoted students will be graded by a 50-50 system. 50% of the marks will be taken from the previous semester or year and the rest 50% will be obtained from the examinations taken in the current year and internal assessment.

Colleges have been instructed to follow the UGC guidelines regarding the pending examinations and admission procedures.

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Students with KTs and ATKTs will be promoted as well. However, they’d need to clear the subjects in 120 days once the college starts. All the FY and SY students unhappy with their grades can redeem themselves in exams which will be announced later.

Prior to the decision, numerous rumours were doing rounds on social media. This left the students confused and scared, as many outstation students had left their books in their respective housings.

Online exams- more harm than good?

Online exams were also contemplated but were dropped due to the problems associated with it. Mumbai University does not have a good reputation when it comes to anything related to online.

A few years back, the University faced heavy criticism because of their delay in providing results, which happened due to online checking of the papers.

Additionally, internet problems and technical issues can also be faced by the students. Lockdown means that there won’t be access to cyber cafes, and even if it was allowed, the number of students would just outnumber the cyber cafes.

The decision announced by Uday Samant, Maharashtra’s Minister of Higher Education and was met by a series of hilarious memes and tweets on the internet.

For students, exams were like hovering dark clouds over an already gloomy lockdown. Now they can finally enjoy “the longest vacation of their life”.

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Sources: Republic World, Times of India, Mumbai Live

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