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Rob Twizz, writer of the viral Halloween Cyphers is a modern-day Stephen King in the booth


Robert Nikic aka Rob Twizz is the man behind the mask of the yearly viral “Halloween Cyphers” published on the world’s largest hip hop platform WorldStar HipHop.  What is a cypher? You take it back to the origins of hip hop where you pass the mic around and everyone gets their chance to bring their best lyrics to the table. Rob takes the legendary horror characters like Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger, Jason, Chucky etc. and brings them to life on the microphone by combining horror, comedy and hip hop to create his viral Halloween Cyphers. These cyphers up to date have generated well over a combined 16 million views on YouTube, as well as a couple of million more on Facebook!

In a recent post, Rob Twizz mentions “Having these cyphers go viral every year is like having a hit song without people knowing your face.” Although we still do not know who is behind every mask, we know that Rob Twizz writes every lyric and performs as one character in each video; creatively genius! There are 5 cyphers up to date and every year they bring the Halloween spirit to life. In an industry primarily ran by major labels and pay-to-play radio, it is impressive that millions of views can be generated independently without any help; surpassing the numbers of larger recording artists. Rob Twizz continues to credit Worldstar exclusively for the distribution to bring his ideas to a larger platform; although he continues to grow his own YouTube with additional content and cyphers. You can see the influence of legends like Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, Stephen King and Jordan Peele the trailblazers of horror on the big screen. It is a killer video to look forward to every year! Who knows, maybe Rob can take his ideas to the big screen one day too.

Rob Twizz is also set to drop his debut album this year on iTunes. You can follow him on his path to success on his social media’s @robtwizz. Have a happy safe Halloween! 

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