Rize Education, a New York-based education technology firm founded in Adrian, Michigan, has partnered with the Lower Cost Models Consortium to bring over 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States new high-growth major, minor, and certificate programs. The consortium, now home to 112 institutions and counting, aims to provide members access to affordable, in-demand programs that boost enrollment, significantly reduce tuition, and provide students an inside track to high-paying job opportunities following graduation.

Programs that Rize has developed in collaboration with experts from top universities and multi-billion dollar firms include Computer Science, Game Design, Supply Chain Management, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and many others. Each course is taught using Rize’s unique, innovative instructional approach, featuring a strong emphasis on skill-developing collaborative group projects, student flexibility in regard to when to take classes, and a peer reviewed, research-proven flipped classroom model.  

Rize Education’s unique offerings are all in fields that are presently drastically underserved, owing to the glut of student demand and the traditionally high time and monetary investment necessary for colleges to start these new programs. The ability to provide Rize majors at no upfront cost to many thousands of students all over the country enables colleges and universities to tap into a subset of students previously unavailable to them who would benefit from the tight-knit community and small classroom environment such colleges boast. In addition, these colleges enable their existing student bodies to access top-quality courses in fields that massively improve their employability in dozens of industries with a collective average salary of $60,000+. Since all of the majors offered by Rize are in fields with substantial pathways to career growth, graduates can rest assured that they will see their already-high starting salaries increase with time.

Although Rize has already brought thousands of students an incredible quantity of opportunities previously unavailable to them, Rize is far from content to sit on its laurels. Existing course offerings are constantly revised semester to semester, ensuring that course syllabi and materials reflect the ever-changing landscape of dynamic, growing industries. As such, students in Rize courses will always be equipped with the best, most relevant tools for a given job, ensuring the company succeeds in its aim of effectively equipping students for the workforce.

Rize courses represent a great quantity of value added to the colleges in the LCMC that offer them, but it must be noted that said colleges never lose any of what makes them so unique. Rize’s online offerings are layered on top of an institution’s in-person, liberal arts classes, ensuring that students get the best of both worlds: the practical expertise needed to get an excellent job and the strong educational foundation needed to grow as individuals and community members.



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