Growing a business is not an easy feat. It requires consistent effort and dedication focused on the attainment of business objectives. For small and mid-size enterprise (SME) owners, the journey is challenging as they must take on different roles and personally monitor the diverse business operations, especially during the initial stages. While making profits is the ultimate business goal for any enterprise, growth is equally essential. 

Capital is one of the primary requisites for business growth. A loan for SME acts as the perfect catalyst to expand business operations, install new equipment, and sail through the competitive market. However, acquiring the capital is not enough to ensure linear business growth. You will have to focus on various other verticals. 

Here are some highly effective tips that can help you accelerate the growth of your small business. 

  • Knowing Your Customers

Understanding the customer base is vital for the success of any business venture. As an entrepreneur, you should have a clear idea of your customer’s interests and tastes. Comprehending and regularly assessing your audience’s buying behaviour can help you fine-tune your business strategies and yield better results. 

Why do your customers buy your product? When do they most need it? Whom are they getting it for? What is the mode of purchase? These are the questions the answers to which small business owners can leverage to customize the entire user experience and gain a significant competitive advantage. 

Knowing your customers can allow you to invest the capital acquired from a loan for SME productively. 

  • Establishing Loyalty

“Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand”- Shep Hyken. This quote highlights the importance of loyalty and how it can help an enterprise transform into a brand. As a small business owner, you must discover the power of loyalty and use it not just to acquire but retain customers. 

Establishing brand loyalty is as good as having a lucrative investment. Loyal consumers will keep generating revenue for your company without the need for any extra investment. In some cases, long-term customers will also give you constructive feedback that can be used to make your offerings better. 

Sending out personalized messages, running discounts, and delivering on everything your business stands are the best ways to establish loyalty. This is highly beneficial for your business as it generates word of mouth, which can help minimize any extra investment to acquire new customers. 

  • Hiring a Proficient Workforce

A lot of entrepreneurs obtain a loan for SMEs to hire employees. The acquired capital can end up being wasted if the enterprise lacks a job-specific workforce. Having unskilled employees can drain your operational productivity and lead to revenue loss. 

A proficient workforce has a high work output which can help maximize profits for business owners. A healthy profit margin can further allow entrepreneurs to reinvest the money into their business and facilitate growth. 

Loan for SME: A Giant Leap Towards Business Growth

There can be a certain amount of discord in the mind of a small business owner when it comes to obtaining a loan for their enterprise. While this is natural, it is essential to understand the benefits of a loan for SMEs and how they outweigh the supposed risks involved. 

Loans for small and medium enterprises offer flexibility in terms of repayment and can be acquired for your specific business purposes, such as business expansion, and upgrades. Opting for a loan for SME from a non-banking financial institution can help you obtain the necessary funds quickly and without extensive paperwork or a waiting period. 

The proliferation of lenders in the market has made it extremely easy and efficient to acquire a business loan. Kinara Capital is one of the leading fintech companies in India that offers collateral-free business loans for SMEs. Their doorstep customer service in over 3000 pin codes, coupled with a fully digital loan process, offers an unprecedented level of convenience to SME owners. So, connect with a reputed financial institution like Kinara Capital today and get one step closer to realizing your business goals. 



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