When it comes to renting something, you’d rent a car, or a house, or perhaps even a dress for a special occasion, but actually renting an entire person, for a specific occasion, seems too much like a Harlequin Romance book.

Sure there might be the fashion of ‘escorts’ but it is not something to be broadcasted out loud on social media and definitely not in India of all places.

But Shakul Gupta, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Gurgaon, posted on Facebook, renting out his services for the upcoming Valentine’s Day with full detail of the packages, what he’d do for each, additional perks, and even added in a discount code for the more eager customers.

Take a look at the actual Facebook post that has gone viral in merely 2 days:

The ‘packages’ are so well formed, especially intriguing is ‘Package 4– ANYTHING YOU WANT’.

A promo code? For 20% off and a free ride in his Audi… the good fortune I must imagine of the lucky girl. Such a generous man indeed.

He will even act ‘gay‘ to make you laugh, of course, because homosexuality is such a joke, right?

And look… the guy actually learned something from the Aziz Ansari fiasco and is willing let you ‘choose wherever you want to go and what to do‘. What a gentleman indeed.

And of course, we cannot forget the precious Audi, that is the ultimate perk in this entire business.

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We were unsure whether this was a prank or a genuine thing until we learned that Gupta had done something similar last year too.

On last year’s Valentine’s Day, Gupta apparently crowdsourced his dates and even got an astonishing 2000 applications from which he finally selected 5 best ones.

Shakul Gupta with his 5 selected dates from last year’s Valentine’s

The winners apparently got a ride in his precious Audi A4, an iPhone 7 each and a dinner at a 5-star hotel.

The fact that not only is he putting such posts up, they are also going viral, is seriously a kudos to the millennial generation and their madness that seemingly knows no bounds. First the Tide Pod challenge and now this, truly a persistent effort to do the next crazy thing in order to justify the ‘unique’ tag that this generation carries.

While we were writing this piece, it even got covered by Hindustan Times and as of now, has hit almost 40,000 likes on Facebook and over 10,000 comments.

It also speaks quite a bit about the intense pressure and social quo that Valentine’s Day creates where people would go to any lengths not be alone even if it means paying someone.

And for all the women that applied for last year’s crowdsourcing, is an iPhone 7 and dinner at an expensive hotel really worth it to be letting go of your self-esteem?

Would like to repeat that we are in no way endorsing him or encouraging his actions, so go ahead and hire him at your own risk.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Facebook and Indian Express

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