If you put yourself out there, the modern world also signifies being on a dating app. Be it Tinder, Bumble or OkCupid, one is, more often than not, found with a profile in one of these

Bios Are Important

A wise man once said, “The first impression’s last” and it has a ring of truth in it. Bios help with just that.

If you are above 35 like Anastasia, you would probably want to stop thinking about younger girls and want someone who would be there to support you and recognise signs of trouble. 

Pray to God you don’t have a stroke

Bios are of around 500 characters that define who you are. It showcases your humour, your interests and your passions, and more importantly, lets a window into the person that you are.

Bios can be super-efficient in describing the traits you are looking for too. Personally, dumb people are a huge no-no for me, which I am sure is also a huge no-no for many.

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The Creative Ones

If you think bios cannot be a great idea to be a content creator, you are absolutely in the wrong. Jake of @niftyshadesofjake has his profile built for creative bios.

One can see the effort he has gone through for some of those bios with really funny PhotoShop skills to drive it home.

Leo and Jake, a match made in Tinder

That is not all where creativity ends. The conversations about these bios that are creative also are spot on. These quirky bios often lead to having a lit and fun conversation that is filled with giggles and groans. 

The Best Of Rest

Every woman counts…
Ah, the DNA of love
I love personal attacks
High risk, high reward

Bios, huh?

Image Sources: Google and Reddit

Sources: r/Tinder, r/Bumble, Author’s Own Experience

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