A Ray of Hope

By Kritika Mittal
aam-admi-party-mantraFew hours after the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) formally declared that it would form the government in Delhi with Congress’ outside support, innumerable Indian hearts have a hope stirred up. The Delhi elections which took place on the 4th of December have left the world awestruck with the new entrant’s performance. With the AAP bagging 28 seats, it has resorted to Congress’ support to form the government. Kejriwal’s gesture of sending out 25 lakh letters and inviting for people’s opinion touched many.
Delhi has been in a pretty bad shape lately. Apart from few improvements in Mrs. Shiela Dixit’s reign, like the Delhi metro, execution of the Commonwealth games,  building flyovers , improvements in road network etc. , things have been going downhill in the recent past. The monstrous rape case of December 2012 had left the residents under a constant fear. The common man has been suppressed under the debris of inflation , and rising prices of basic commodities. The police force was being blamed and criticised at a large. Placed on record are the various scams like the 2G scam which raged the public that their money was being misused!
As the AAP is to step in the whole country is in anticipation of something good to happen, the promised reforms to take place. AAP’s sterner policy against rapists, intentions of providing electricity at 50% rates of the present and providing 700 litres of free water to every household daily and others click with many. Take the case of a college going girl who has been given strict instructions to return home7pm by her parents because ‘anything can happen’ to her outdoors in the city; doesn’t this news bring in sanguinity to her and the family that the crime be better countered and women might feel secure in their own hometown? A common middle aged man supporting a family of 5 who has pressing issues of electricity bill and vegetable prices in addition to his daughter’s wedding; isn’t his mind a little lighter seeing that things might improve!
AAP’s stepping in has undoubtedly sent a wave of expectations through not only the residents of the capital, but the entire nation. Its right to say that “for everything the government hasn’t to be blamed, the citizens have to do something on their own accord”. But there are certain things that are not in an Aam Aadmi’s hands but the government alone. The new year would thus unravel how far are promises this time fulfilled? Will Congress hamper the functioning of AAP or improve it? Would people continue to tag the older parties as ‘untrustworthy’? Will the common man face disappointment yet again? Would India break the shackles of corruption? All this is hazy as of now but the one thing Indians don’t lack in is HOPE!


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