One has to wonder what goes through a politician’s mind when making certain statements that obviously sound so redundant and irrelevant.

The latest case of Nepal’s Prime Minister making several controversial statements with very little time in between them is worth looking at.

KP Sharma Oli, Nepal’s current PM has been on a roll these days, making some statement or another that is catching the attention of India simply because of how absurd they are.

Right now, India is not only dealing with tensions with China but also with some strains coming in their relationship with Nepal.

At a recent occasion of Bhanu Jayanti, Nepal’s PM created quite a stir when he stated how Ayodhya in India was apparently fake and that the real one was in Nepal.

He was also quoted as saying that Ram is not an Indian but in fact is a Nepali and that his kingdom is in a village in the country.

Here we take a look at some of the bizarre and almost funny things he’s said:

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It is strange to think that when there is no dearth of problems at hand, a pandemic is still going on in full swing, several environmental problems are coming up and even society is in a state of unrest, what will be accomplished by making such juvenile statements.

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Sources: Business Standard, India TodayThe Hindu

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