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The life story of the Golden Man, Gabani Dharmesh


If there are passion and will, no one and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Your age doesn’t matter and so does not the place you belong to. If you are enthusiastic, determined, and passionate about something and work for it, you will get there.

Gabani Dharmesh, one of the richest men in Dubai who is living the life of his dreams has a very inspirational story of his journey. He is an extraordinary man with a lot of maturity, passion, and courage. He kept working hard to make his dreams come true no matter how hard it was. Gabani didn’t wait for opportunities to come at his door, he created them and achieved everything he wanted to.

His journey started when we moved from India to Africa and started some business. It was not at all easy, moving out of your country into an unknown place between unknown people and doing something. It takes a lot of patience, maturity, and hard work. It was even more difficult for him as he started his journey just at the age of 19. At such an early age, Gabani entered a world of new experiences. He knew that no matter wherever you go and whatever you do, the moment you start doing something, people are always there to pull you back or criticize you. The only thing he did was smile and move on.

Failures are very important in life as they give you the biggest life lessons. You can’t achieve success if you have not seen failures in life. Gabani himself faced them. He has seen failures in Gold mining thrice. But did he give up? No. He knew that he needed patience and try again more intelligently and so he did. He had the audacity to fall and get up again with more power. He never stopped trying and he finally made it.

From living in a small hut to owning an apartment in Burj Khalifa, Gabani Dharmesh showed that nothing is impossible in this world. Today, he also owns many luxurious cars including Rolls Royce and it clearly shows how he made it. His luxurious life over social media inspires a lot of people to keep moving on their path to success and never give up. There are thousands of people who aspire to be like him and it is justified because he is a true inspiration for every one of us.

Today Gabani has established a bunch of hotel chains and supermarkets. Alongside this, he is involved in the Gold and Diamond business, and other business industries and he is still unstoppable. His journey is never-ending and a continuous process of more prosperity making way into his life.

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