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Rajwant Singh Vohra – A Man With A Vision And Values


On the 30th of November of 1964, S. Prithpal Singh Vohra and Smt. Satwant Kaur Vohra became the proud parents of Rajwant Singh Vohra. Young Rajwant Singh Vohra didn’t feel an inclination towards formal education. However, being an exceptionally brilliant child and having possessed amazing leadership qualities, he began his career in the television industry. He collaborated with the Zee Network over three decades ago and brought to his hometown, Ludhiana the SITI Cable.

Rajwant Singh Vohra

It was then he felt the need to venture into an 24×7 Sikh religious channel. Having been born and brought up in a Gursikh family with Sikh values deeply imbibed in them, he envisioned the Fateh TV.

He says, “I saw that there was a need for more impactful Sikh religious channels. I realised that most of the television industry was engrossed in the entertainment genre and youth’s interest in the Sikh history-culture was getting diminished.” Hence, the idea of the Fateh TV, a religious channel came into being.

He also says, “On March 25, 2013 I dreamt about Nagar Kirtan coming to my place.” Thereby, officially launching the Fateh TV Channel on Vaisakhi, 2013. He named the channel after Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s youngest son- Baba Fateh Singh.

Ever since its launch, Fateh TV channel has gained a prodigious reception from the entire Sikh Sangat both nationally and internationally. Mr. Singh has made what Fateh TV is today. With the vision to create something that will revive the preachings and the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Mr. Singh brought forward the Fateh TV.

Fateh TV is the first ever Sikh religious channel to telecast the Gurbani 24/7. As well as in India, Fateh TV has spanned the wings of teachings of Sikh Gurus and Sikh morals and values all over the world. The countries benefiting from the channel are:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • UAE
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • The United Kingdom

Fateh TV, according to recent statistics, is ranked top amongst the Gurbani channels. The channel is accessible on both cable distribution platforms and IPTV platforms. JIO TV, Tata Sky, NEXGTV, V-Media, REAL TV, FastWay Cable, Den Cable, Inn Cable are the platforms where Fateh TV is available.

Mr. Rajwant Singh Vohra besides being the founder and the managing director of Fateh TV Channel, is the President of Fateh Parivaar Sewa Society. It is an NGO with a purpose to work towards eradicating the problems prevailing in the society. And it has opened various centers to fulfil this purpose:

  1. Fateh Computer Centre
  2. Fateh Stitching Centre
  3. Fateh Gatka Centre
  4. Parivar Naari Wing

The NGO besides working for the society, has also been helping the Government for the general public’s benefit. Not too long ago, the NGO got sign boards and solar lights installed at the railway crossing in Ludhiana to avoid accidents.

Mr. Rajwant Singh Vohra is a man with a vision, values and the courage to turn his dreams into reality. And in this mission, his son, Mr. Anterleen Singh Vohra has worked to realise those dreams.

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