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Fateh TV – When A Dream Of Values Became The Reality


On the fortunate day of Vaisakhi, April 2013, the vision of fanning out the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji manifested in the form of Fateh TV. Brought forward to the Sikh audience from across the world, Fateh TV, a religious channel became the first-ever TV channel to telecast the Gurbani and Preachings of Satguru 24/7.

With a thought to unfurl and preserve the rich cultural observance of Sikhism, Mr. Rajwant Singh Vohra conceived the idea of a TV channel that telecasts 24/7 Gurbani. Hence, came into existence the Fateh TV. Baba Fateh Singh, Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s youngest son’s name became the inspiration for the name of the channel.

The main idea behind this successful vision was to bring forth the solutions to all the evils that have cleaved to the society. Through the Fateh TV, attempts have been made to enlighten the people of these problems, making them question all the wrongs, and stir their conscience in correcting them.

In a short span of 7 years, Fateh TV has gained worldwide appreciation and recognition. North America, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and the United Kingdom are the countries besides India to have Fateh TV Channel telecasting the Gurbani on various distribution platforms.

The Satellite channel is available on all the cable distribution platforms namely- Fastway Cable, Den Cable, and Inn Cable in India. Besides the cable platforms, Fateh TV is available on IPTV platforms like JIO TV, Tata Sky, Sling TV, NEXGTV, V-Media and REAL TV.

Fateh TV channel is dedicated towards the upliftment of the roving youth alongside women empowerment, and preserving the rich Sikh History and Culture. The channel telecasts reality shows bringing forth the talent of Punjab and little Sikhs, from music to quizzes to the show of courage. Those shows are:

  1. Sikh Youth
  2. Har Maidan Fateh
  3. Virasat-e-Khalsa
  4. Safar-e-Shahadat
  5. Raag Rattan
  6. Gatka Warriors
  7. Brilliant Brains
  8. Global E-Camp

Besides all these shows of great knowledge and value, Fateh TV channel has in its store various Documentaries and short movies. These movies and documentaries are crafted carefully considering the social evils and their solutions.

Fateh Parivaar Sewa Society, a subsidiary of the Fateh TV is an NGO founded and established for the purpose of betterment and upliftment of the society. The NGO has established various learning centers:

  1. Fateh Computer Centre
  2. Fateh Stitching Centre
  3. Fateh Gatka Centre
  4. Fateh Parivar Naari Wing

About the Founder

Mr. Rajwant Singh Vohra is the visionary, the founder and the Managing Director of the Fateh TV Channel. He is the man known to have brought the Cable Television Network to Ludhiana. Being the first one to have combined hands with the Zee Network, Mr. Vohra brought to Ludhiana the Siti Cable Network. Having been in the cable industry for over three decades, Mr Rajwant Singh Vohra sighted a need for a religious channel that telecast Gurbani. And in April 2013, he manifested that dream. Mr. Anterleen Vohra, the son of the proud father is now a constant and constant companion in realising Mr. Vohra’s dream of spreading the teachings and preachings of Guru Sahibans to the Sikh Sangat globally.

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