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Rahul Gandhi And His Khat Sabha: Epic Fail, But Perhaps A Learning Lesson?


There was supposedly a time when Congress was THE party of the nation. The most powerful, the most influential and one of the oldest parties in the entire nation.

The important and extremely visual role that Congress played during the whole Independence era has always given it an edge that no other party can boast of.

However, in the past couple of years, there has been a steady decline in not just the popularity but the power and stature that were previously associated with Congress.

And now, the recent even with Rahul Gandhi and his attempt at a Khat Sabha have brought everything to a headlong.

So just to inform anyone who does not know about it till yet, Rahul Gandhi, in an attempt to raise the ever dropping position of Congress and gain a few votes, decided to have a rally with farmers and more from the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Not going into a lot of details, but the organisers had placed around 2,000 khats all over the arena for the people to sit on. And listen to the ‘soulful and epic speech’ by the younger Gandhi.

*crickets chirping*

Yeah… did not really go as according to plan.

I am sure that Rahul Gandhi thought that by appealing to the ‘Indian Culture’ and putting out khats and essentially having a khat sabha, he would instantly win their hearts.

And like one of those Bollywood movies, the villagers and farmers would come together in an epic sequence to show their loyalty to him.

But alas that was not to be, as it happened that, as soon as Mr. Gandhi’s speech was over, littered with remarks against Narendra Modi, promises to reduce electricity bill and more, the people instead of giving a thunderous applause, picked up the khats and left the venue.

To be honest, seeing this just makes me sad, at how far the mighty have fallen.

The people who were invited to the sabha were not even the slightest bit interested in Rahul Gandhi’s words or what he was proposing.

Instead they picked what they could and made of with it, be it food and water or the khats that were laid out.


I cannot even fault these people for what they did. The whole concept seems to be a weird mixture of Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal’s campaigns, which ultimately led them to success.

The whole khat sabha reeked of Modi’s Chai Pe Charcha and the point of reducing electricity bill seemed quite similar to what Kejriwal proposed in his campaign speeches.

Signing off, I would just like to say, Congress please learn something and do something different. Don’t take what worked for others and think it will result the same for you. The public is no longer stupid or blind, they can very well see what you are trying to do.

Do something original, something that actually works towards the development of the country, instead of trying to gather vote banks or putting down others.

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