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LG Is Planning To Invest Heavily In Robot Technology


All the cynics with the fear that robots will one day take over the world have all the more reason to worry. No, robots are not actually coming to life…. yet. I’m merely referring to South Korea’s LG electronics’ plans to invest aggressively in robots.

Their aim is to capitalise on the field of artificial intelligence with a much broader vision that one day complex machines will be able to substitute for human beings and perform everyday tasks.



LG, in a statement, said that its division of appliances Is working to develop products that will work with general household appliances such as refrigerators, Air conditioners and washers.

“We will prepare for the future by aggressively investing in smart home, robots and key components and strengthen the home appliances business’s capabilities,” said Jo Seung-jin, head of LG’s appliances business, in the very same statement.

The field of artificial intelligence is already thriving with machines being able to communicate with each other via internet and perform fairly complex tasks.

Countries all over the world are investing in artificial intelligence with hopes that it’ll help tackle the socio-economic problems such as low birth rates and an ageing population by introducing machines who can act as cooks and caretakers.

While all this sounds good and well theoretically, are we really suppose to trust machines with every odd thing in our life? Isn’t the current reliance on smart phones and laptops not enough to satisfy our thirst?

Keeping a country like India in mind, if machines were to indulge in all household chores it would leave quite a few people out of work. While not the most illustrious of occupations, maids and cooks depend on those very chores as a means of survival.

The idea of lesser work is tempting indeed. But is the world actually ready to rely so heavily on machines? Progress is imminent but there is also a designated pace that it must follow.

LG has not yet issued any statements regarding how much it intends to invest or when the initial robot products will be launched but it may take years for such a transition to occur.

We leave you to choose for yourselves if it’s too soon for us to put so much faith in artificial technology or if we’re ready for a cybernetic world.

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