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India is a land of exotic people and diverse cultures. Loved by many for its unity in diversity, it is even more beautified by its multilingual states that have a unique identity of their own. The dance, the food and the historical monuments all are a symbol of a state’s unequivocal image.

Following on those outlines, I tried to characterise states on the basis of a few but not exaggerated stereotypes. And, luckily got landed on a Quora thread that answered my question in a hilarious but relatable manner.

So the original question on the thread reads: If India Was Actually A School, Which Type Of Kid Would Each State Be?

Depiction of cultural diversity in India
Depiction of cultural diversity in India

Here is the answer which I felt was the most appropriate:

1. Andhra Pradesh: The hardworking boy who does all the work assigned to him sincerely. He is taking engineering after school.

2. Arunachal Pradesh: The girl who sits quietly, lost in her own world, in a corner of the class.

3. Assam: The jovial guy who is always cheerful. And yes, he prefers tea over coffee.

4. Bihar: The boy who always makes the loudest noise in the absence of the teacher, but has a kind heart.

5. ChhattisgarhThe introverted guy who always listens to the crowd and seldom speaks.

6. Goa: One of the most popular guys. He parties all day and night.

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7. Gujarat: The guy who lends his pen to others, and never forgets to take it back. He has visited the bank more than the school canteen.

8. Haryana: The guy who has the ability to scare juniors by his accent. People try to imitate him to get some quick popularity points.

9. Himachal Pradesh: That fair girl in the class who is approached by everyone – be it for homework, or for club events.

10. Jammu And Kashmir: The girl who tried to do everything right, but is almost always sad because of in-school politics.

11. Jharkhand: The newcomer boy in the class. He is the wicket-keeper captain of the school cricket team. ;)

12. Karnataka: The tech-savvy boy in the class who introduces trending technological topics in class.

13. Kerala: The one with the most likes on his Facebook profile picture! He sits in the very back, but almost always performs well in exams. He also has awesome football skills.

14. Madhya Pradesh: The person who sits in the middle of the class! He is friendly with both the first benchers as well as the backbenchers.

15. Maharashtra: That social person in class whom everyone loves. He is the most vibrant guy in class.

16. Manipur: The girl who is full of grit and determination and is representing the district in boxing

17. Meghalaya: The girl who always is staring at clouds! Okay, bad pun. The silent girl who likes the smell of soil during rain.

18. Mizoram: Awesome person. Does his work quietly and that’s it.

19. Nagaland: The person obsessed with cultural fests. Dances amazingly.

20. Odisha: Nagaland’s best friend. Has won many medals in cultural activities.

21. Punjab: The most swag guy in the house. The party animal, who is sometimes seen with Goa.

22. Rajasthan: When most of the classmates get uncomfortable or when the day is too hot in summer, or too cold in winter, this guy relaxes.

23. Sikkim: The guy who stands behind Goa in ‘line’ during assembly.

24. Tamil Nadu: Brings amazing dosa to class. Totally obsessed with films. Absolute Rajni fan. Make friends with him, and he will remain friends with you throughout your life.

25. Telangana: New admission. Also, a first bencher. Definitely engineering after school.

26. Tripura:Sincere and hardworking. First bencher.

27. Uttar Pradesh: Backbencher who has ideas that are going to be successful outside the class. One of the best athlete in the class.

28. Uttrakhand: Himachal Pradesh’s best friend. Hardworking and sincere.

29. West Bengal: One of the best literary-oriented guys in class. The ‘dada’ of the class. The only person to be in both cricket as well as football teams in school.

30. Delhi: The best batsman in the school cricket team right now. Make him angry, he will say, “Bhaag *@#@#$”. Make him angrier, he will sit for dharna in front of you!

Well, that was some great summation. It might not be a 100% accurate, but it surely gave me a giggle. One of the most clever analysations one could think of states in India.

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