The Round Table Society welcomes you to be a part of the celebration of their very core values in their splendiferous mega event on the 13th and 14th of April, 2022, i.e. INTELLOSPHERE’2022.

The Round Table Society is the only academic and interdisciplinary society of Kirori Mal College. The society is acclaimed to give shape to creative academic-centric ideas in the form of workshops, seminars, events and fests. The Round Table also takes up projects aimed at the development of society.

With one of the most extensive discussions on Consumer Affairs in a Digitally Transformed World, the team presents you a Panel Discussion and the Entrepreneur’s Meet with the best and the most prominent personalities in the field, including entrepreneurs and academicians.

The flagship competition- “Katghara: Sustained. Overruled. Adjourned” is a platform to challenge breaking the bounds of conventional learning using your skills of analysis, problem-solving, decrypting, and most importantly, persuasion. There will also be a wealth of fun activities and events, which will undoubtedly provide joy and excitement to all.

13th April, Wednesday

• Panel Discussion – 10:00 AM onwards
Venue – Academic Auditorium

• Entrepreneurs’ Meet – 2:00 PM onwards
Venue – Academic Auditorium

14th April, Thursday

• The Flagship Competition – Katghara, Sustained. Overruled. Adjourned – 4:00 PM onwards
Venue – Online

So come along with The Round Table on a journey of enlightenment, excitement, and edification. This is your chance to move beyond orthodox textbook learning and explore themes of consumerism and business in a groundbreaking, substantial way.

Stay tuned for more updates and mark the dates!

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