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So, talking about two variable personalities in this scenario which are often mistaken to be similar or same, we decided to clear up the confusion between the two and found a particular Quora thread for the same.

So, the actual question on Quora reads: “What’s the difference between an introvert and a person with an inferiority complex?”

Here is the answer which we felt was the most appropriate:

Introverts shy away from opening up in front of people generally without assuming an inferior role during a conversation. However, someone with an inferiority complex would almost always prefer to be led, guided, even ordered while conversing with peers.

In addition, while self confidence is one characteristic that is generally assumed to be missing in introverts, I believe it is more related to having a lower inferiority complex than being an introvert.

While being less assertive is one aspect both introverts and people having inferiority complex have in common, introverts prefer to remain in their “own zone” showing little to no concern over what is being done outside of their “own zone”.

Inferiority complex arises out of failures, bullying, comparing one self to others, lack of improvement in academics or job, not achieving a a goal, being cheated with especially if in a relationship, etc. It can even lead to depression, isolation, shattered self-confidence, low testosterone (in males), low self-esteem, etc.

Inferiority complex is not a disease or a personality trait rather it is a state of mind that may or may not relate to only current events. It can be overcome with patience, time and getting better and overcoming whatever caused it in to begin with.

A person with an inferiority complex is never content with him/herself whereas an introvert always is.
A person with an inferiority complex is never content with him/herself whereas an introvert always is.

People feeling low due to having an inferiority complex can make significant progress with a mentor guiding them. Choosing a good mentor can be a difficult task especially if their self-confidence and self-esteem have taken a big hit which may have caused further trust issues.
In any case, if you have a realistic goal, take time to figure out how you can achieve it.

With all the information available online, there no way that gaining knowledge can be difficult for anyone today. I personally feel, lifting weight or doing strength training can be liberating for a lot of people.

It’s a solo activity, requires not more than an hour of time a few days per week, can be done at the gym or even at home (if you can arrange for it), and can tremendously boost confidence and self-esteem. Give it a try.

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