In today’s India, it is hauntingly easy to discriminate on the basis of religion or caste so much so that you can now apparently bar a certain group from visiting a place. This has happened in Varanasi where right-wing Hindu groups have applied posters warning non-Hindus from entering the city.

Varanasi Ghats Not Accessible To Non-Hindus?

The posters put up in the temples and ghats read, “The ghats and temples along Maa Ganga in Kashi are symbols of the Sanatan Dharma, Indian culture, faith, and belief. Those who have faith and belief in Sanatan Dharma are welcome. Otherwise, this is not a picnic spot.” (translated from Hindi)

In bold the words, “This is a warning, not a request” are written and the poster has been signed off by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal Kashi.

varanasi ghats

Non-Hindus violate the purity of the ghats. That is why this warning has been issued to them,” said Bajrang Dal’s Kashi Mahanagar coordinator Nikhil Tripathi Rudra.

Varanasi gets tourists from all over the world. People from across religions visit here and make Varanasi what it is. It is a holy place for sure, but how does the entry of non-Hindus ruin its sanctity?

The Police have launched a probe into the matter. They are removing the posters with the help of locals.

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Concerning Incident

This incident proves how fearless the religious extremist groups have become in India, and that should instill fear in us.

Nikhil Tripathi Rudra also said that “River Ganga is our mother, it is not a picnic spot. Those who consider the Ganga a picnic spot should stay away from it. If they do not, Bajrang Dal will make sure they do.

BJP’s spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said that this is not done by right-wing groups and that no one has the right to stop anyone from visiting there. He, however, did agree that it is not a picnic spot but a sacred place.

A city doesn’t belong to one person or one group of people. This is the very essence of democracy. Claiming that a city’s temples and ghats belong to a certain group undermines the fundamentals of democracy.

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