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Police Official Tricks Constables Into Losing Their Potbellies


K Annamalai understands the role of incentives as a motivational tool for his police force, which is why he announced an interesting proposal for his cops. The superintendent of police (SP) of the Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka made headlines when he decided to come up with a fitness challenge in order to bring his force into a healthy shape.

Superintendent K Annamalai
Superintendent K Annamalai


The challenge

The challenge is simple. If you lose 5 Kgs within the course of the next three months, you’ll get a posting of your choice. Under Departmental transfer rules, Superintendents enjoy powers over the transfer of officials up to the level of ASIs. Thus, he has presented this offer only to 1,050 policemen of constabulary rank. 464 civil police constables, 349 police head constables, 117 assistant police sub-inspectors, and 120 policemen in training in Chikkamagaluru district police are invited to complete the challenge.

If anybody wishes to take up this challenge, they’d have to meet Annamalai personally and register for it. Annamalai would then record their weights and assess the weight loss before the official transfer orders in April.

The inspiration behind the challenge

Superintendent's interesting challenge
Superintendent’s interesting challenge


The Superintendent of Police is well aware of the hellish state of fitness in the Indian Police force and decided to roll up his sleeves and make some changes. An IPS officer of the 2011-batch, K Annamalai expresses great concern towards a health and fitness.

He describes himself as very passionate about fitness and goes by the motto- a fit force makes a fit society. He also described how the challenge is an initiative in good faith and believes that it would lead to some great results.

Is it going to be fruitful?

Let me quote the founder of the challenge-SP K Annamalai himself, “Fitness is a mental change. If a policeman is ready to transform himself, he will definitely transform the society.” And I couldn’t agree with him more. People love doing things for incentives. And as far as this challenge is concerned, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with it either.

I mean we have memes going around all over the internet, depicting the roundness of those enormous ‘matka’ shaped bellies of our officers. Someone had to do something about it. They are the representation of our force. Not only does it reflect a bad body image, it is in fact unhealthy.

An initiative such is this might actually be able to put a full-stop on that.


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