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A Mad And Crazy Picnic For Your Pet You Shouldn’t Miss: Red Paws Day Out



What is Red Paws Day Out?

A fun day out in the sun, with mouthwatering food, fun activities, shopping, great music, beer & cocktails and of course your furry best friend!

This is the sincere attempt by Red Paws Rescue and Red Paws Delhi to bring together dog lovers, their families, friends and their beloved pets for a day filled with excitement and fun all for a good cause where 100% proceeds go towards Red Paws Rescue.

And it is not just about fun and games but you can also contribute towards the rising stray animal population.

You should know that the profits from this event will be used to fund their spay and neuter program in order to help control the population of stray animals on the streets. The Red Paws team has already successfully sterilized around 200 dogs this past year and now they need your help to increase that number and help more animals on the streets.

Red Paws Day Out

Let’s Get On With The Attractions, Alright?

What is a good event without some excellent food choices?

Fortunately Red Paws Day Out gives you a pretty sweet deal in that area:

  • Bira 91
  • The Le Meridian Gurgaon
  • Sushiya Online
  • Instapizza
  • I Say Organic
  • Nooshe Joon
  • All Things Yummy
  • Love is..Cakes
  • Stretchery
  • Seema Sondhi – The Yoga Studio
  • Studio 60
  • Naani ki Matthi & many more

Wait, What About Things For Your Dog To Enjoy?

Even in that area, Red Paws has a good amount of stalls and activities set up for literally every pampering that your pet would need:

  • PoochMate
  • Red Paws Delhi
  • Tail Lovers Company
  • Heads Up For Tails
  • Doggie Dabbas
  • Kennel Kitchen
  • Robust Pet Care
  • Bark On Gourmet Doggie Barkery
  • DrChoudhary PetClinic
  • Stars and Snowflakes By Aastha s

You also get to socialize with other dogs, make new friends & enjoy other fun activities!

You also get to enjoy performances by The Midival Punditz, BLOT, Dualist Inquiry, Komorebi, Jitter, Avantika Bakshi, Ish Kaur and Delhi Drum Circle.

If you wish to participate or volunteer for this event email then you can mail them on redpawsrescue@gmail.com

ED is proud to have been their blog partner.

Chirali Sharma
Chirali Sharma
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