Presenting before you the sizzling sensation that’s been rocking the nation…no, I’m not talking about the newest fashion trend, rather give it up for MOMO!

Momo is omnipresent and most definitely omnipotent, I’m not so sure about the omniscient part. In other words, momo is very close to God level.

So much so that I can happily campaign for it to go up as the national food.

I totally understand and respect your eternal relationship with biryani but let me tell you why I broke up with biryani to enter into a relationship with momo.

Momos are love

No, quite literally. There maybe mini debates regarding it’s origin being Tibet or Nepal but there is no doubt about its immense popularity in every corner of India. When you bite into a momo and the first taste of the dough hits you, heck, it’s a different kind of high altogether.

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That succulent crust

A perfectly made momo has an outer covering juicier than the juiciest Bollywood gossip, I kid you not. The best momos have their crust paper thin with just the right amount of some mystery in it, leaving you craving for more and more, forever more.

Oh my God, yaaaaaaasssss, the filling!

The filling inside a momo has more variety than the shoes in Paris Hilton’s closet. In India, quite literally anything can be stuffed into a momo. For the vegan, the stuffing can be anything ranging from the “paneer yeh-paneer woh” to even good old tofu. For the non vegetarian foodventurer, momos have the choicest of beef/meat/chicken/egg/almost-any-animal filling. I do not mean to be judgmental towards vegans, but non veg momos are a different league altogether.

Slurrpp…aaahhh,ooohh the chutney

There is nothing sexier than the red hot chutney beside the pale white momos. Of course, sometimes the chutney might be too hot to handle and the spice may burn a hole through our tongue, but hey, we Indians earned our independence after years of struggle and we can sure as hell overcome the chutney’s extreme “teekhaness”, with some brave ones daring to ask for more.

The never ending soup

What the soup is made of is a matter of great mystery. Some consider it to be actual soup while I’ve heard many say that it is just the chicken stock solution. But what’s a momo lover got to do with the origin eh? The best part to a mom fan lied in the soup’s eternal supply. You can ask the momo person (not the fancy momo chain outlets, mind you) for extra soup an infinite number of times and he’ll happily oblige. The soup is quite like PC Sorcar’s magical Water of India.

Believe me, it’s healthy AF

Momo is best had steamed. Being cooked in nothing but steam with just a bare minimum hint of oil, you cannot find a healthier street food. Of course, the fried and pan fried varieties contain oil, but steamed momos surpass the former two in popularity. So the next time you’re biting a juicy momo, you needn’t be guilty of binging on too much junk food.

All this at dirt cheap prices!

This, my dearies, is the clinching factor. When you’re a student and you’re almost always broke, you can only look and perchance, smell a plate of biriyani. But street side momos hardly cost over fifty rupees a plate. At under fifty rupees you can have a filling answer to your hunger pangs, with tasty chutney and never-ending soup as sides and feel like a total boss.

God bless momowallahs. God bless whoever first thought of the concept of a momo. God will bless you when you go ahead and let us know what you love/don’t love(?!!) about momos in the comment section below and tag your momo lover friends.

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