Just when it felt as if things might be returning to normal, with theatres opening, public gatherings taking place and more, the Omicron variant of coronavirus made its grand entry.

With over 50 mutations the Omicron is quickly spreading fast across the country. As per reports around 358 cases have already been reported of the variant and Mumbai and New Delhi especially witnessed a big spike in numbers.

Now, with Christmas and New Year right around the corner, Madhya Pradesh has announced that there would be a statewide night curfew.

Night Curfew In Madhya Pradesh

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, has officially informed the people of the state that there would be a night curfew from 11 pm to 5 am in light of the rising COVID cases.

As per reports he said, “We are implementing night curfew from 11 pm to 5 am. It is worrying that more cases are coming in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi. In Madhya Pradesh too, 30 cases have been found in 24 hours. People keep coming from these states to Madhya Pradesh. Corona’s new form Omicron has reached 16 states of the country. The possibility cannot be ruled out that cases of this variant will come in Madhya Pradesh. Omicron spreads very quickly.”

Although Madhya Pradesh has not yet registered any new Omicron variant COVID cases, however, the curfew is supposed to help stop that from happening.

The CM also adviced people to make sure they adhere to safety regulations like wearing masks, not going to extremely crowded places, not going out of the house unnecessarily and most important of all, getting vaccinated.

Along with this schools have also been told that children will be attending at only 50% attendance.

People took to the internet to show their feelings about these curfews and restrictions in the only way they know how… through memes.

Many mocked the ineffectiveness of night curfews as a whole and used memes as a way to joke about the whole situation.


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It certainly seems that many people seem to be miffed over the restrictions once again coming back after it had seemed as if things were returning to normalcy. That too so close to the holiday season with Christmas and New Year so close by.

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