So how do we measure success?

Money, Luxury, Jazzy showy cars! For many, yes!

Not for Anique Hashmani! “Money is the means of life, not a medium”, says the millionaire. “When you do what you are passionate about, money follows”.

And he walks the talk! He does what he is passionate about, programming and earn in millions.

Anique started programming on Architectural blocks in 2015. His unique programs gained him his image as a programmer. He worked on Web3, python and Solidity rendering numerous programs to develop the web of financial applications on block architectural programs. 

In 2017, he started investing in those financial currency apps and made millions. Soon he was been flocked by investors. His investors made their money and soon there was no looking back. 

He floated his company Bitasia in 2020, which is backed by a VC firm. Anique has a wide base of clients from US, India, Morocco, Canada and many other European countries. He serves them on Telegram.

He also has developed a unique scanning program to predict to-be launched programs on financial architectural apps.

“A passionate person never lacks success”, says Anique. The millionaire resides in Saitama, Japan.

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