A Pakistani influencer called Mohammed Shayan Ali recently came out to talk about his experience with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and what seems to be a ground reality that eventually forced him to leave the State of Pakistan and seek refuge somewhere else.

Apparently, as per Ali, the ISI would often use influencers to make propaganda videos that would also include anti-India material and he was among one of them chosen for the task. Ali was born in Pakistan but has many times posted several pro-India posts and seems to be an avid fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What Did The Influencer Reveal?

On May 16th 2023, Pakistani influencer Shayan Ali posted a long tweet on his official Twitter account recounting his experience with the ISI and how he left Pakistan and evaded arrest.

He also added as a caption that “I didn’t wanted to go back in my past and talk about it but I finally got the courage to tell my whole story and how I left Pakistan. Please read the full thing”.

~ My Story of Leaving Pakistan*

Last Picture before boarding the plane to America and showing the middle finger to the state of Pakistan.

Even though I was lucky that I left Pakistan safely, but still my struggle against the terrorist ISI never ended. After I exposed ISI publicly, I had no other choice but to apologize to the state of Pakistan so that I can leave Pakistan safely otherwise they had already made the plan to kill me.

People who know me are familiar that when I refused to work in a Music Video of DG-ISPR with the name of “Kashmir Hon Mein” they started accusing me of being a RAW and JEW Agent only because of my blonde hair.

That music video is also currently on YouTube. You can easily find it when you write “Kashmir Hon Mein”.

This video was all about the so called “Torture of Indian Armyon Kashmiris”.

As a Fashion Model and Influencer, ISI usually used to ask us to make promotional and all kind of stupid videos in the favor of Pakistani Army.

For this music video, almost all of my fellow influencers got agreed with the ISI except me and when I told them that what you guys are showing is wrong and totally opposite of the reality… this was the thing which triggered them the most.”

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He then added how he refused to be a part of the particular video and what happened afterward.

I have always refused to be a part of the fake campaigns of ISI and Pakistani Government and I used to refused it every time whenever they contacted me but since this was about Kashmir and it was a very big issue, and after I refused, they started having doubt on me and started treating me like a RAW agent.

I left Pakistan in September 2019, but the state of Pakistan was not updated on that.

In December 2019, when the “PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)” found out about my recent social media post against Pakistan, they sent the Sindh Police to arrest me and that was the time when they figured out that I am no longer living in Pakistan.

This news turned out to be one of the worst news for ISI because now it became hard for them to kill me and silence my voice and they also knew that I will expose all of their ugly secrets to the whole world… which is why they continued their radicalism by sending me threat messages and putting a ban on my website and on media.

ISI and Pakistani Army believes that they are above God but they have forgot that God always protects the truth and the person who speaks the truth and expose evil.

ISI tried their best to silence my voice but the God wanted me to expose the terrorist state of Pakistan to the whole world which is why the God protected me from literally every torture of ISI and Pakistan Army.

I was fighting this fight alone and on the other hand, there was the whole state of Pakistan but at the end, Satyameva Jayate.”


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