OpED: Why Was The Kerala Nun Dismissed For Protesting Against Rape By Bishop?

So, as some of you might be aware, there was a huge scandal in November 2018 when the Kerala Bishop Franco Mulakkal of the Jalandhar diocese was accused of raping a nun at a convent some years previously.

This stirred a hornet’s nest, because in Kerala, the clergy is highly respected and an integral part of even the family life of Christians, for example when it comes to finding a groom or a bride.

Therefore, it was extremely shocking to know that a bishop himself was accused of such serious misconduct.

The Nuns Took The Matter Forward

In another unusual but liberating move, several Kerala nuns rose in protest against Bishop Franco, demanding his removal for his misconduct.

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What happened instead?

Sister Lucy, who has been extremely vocal about her disapproval of his behaviour, has been expelled from the order on grounds of ‘disobedience.’

Patriarchy, Not Disobedience

It is more a case of patriarchy deeply entrenched in a system that allows an alleged crime by a male member to be kept ambiguous, but expels a woman for raising her voice against it.

However, Sister Lucy has not given up- in fact, she is bringing out the big guns, and putting her petition before the Pope- the ultimate authority in the Roman Catholic Church.

She is writing to Pope Francis in the Vatican to seek his intervention on this serious matter.

You can watch the OpED on the same here:

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Sources: India Today, News 18, + more

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