When the rest of India was celebrating Diwali, I was busy updating PUBG to get access to the latest feature in the Evoground- the Payload Mode.

What is it?

As the name suggests, Payload Mode equips the player with a variety of grenade launchers and rocket launchers in addition to the existing weapons.

There are also 2 new vehicles: a helicopter and an armoured car.

You can fire missiles and rockets from where you stand, or from above, from the helicopter.

You can also collect the ID card of a teammate who has been killed within 2 minutes of their death, and revive them at the nearest control tower.

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What I love about it:

It’s much easier to knock out and kill enemies who are further away from you using grenade launchers.

Also, the rockets zoom directly towards the target even if you’re a a bit far away from your target.

This is great for killing those elusive enemies in high buildings or on a roof which you can’t reach from your spot.

I also like the fact that dead teammates can be brought back to life, thus making their stint in the game longer than if they were playing in Classic mode.

The cons:

Unfortunately, unlike with guns, teammates can kill each other using the grenade and rocket launchers.

Recently, I played with a total jerk who decided to kill off his teammates (including me) towards the end of the match, and destroyed our helicopter and armoured car to boot.

I don’t know for what joy he did this, but I wish teammates could be immune to the weapons fired by their own side, like how it is with guns.

Have you played in Payload Mode? If so, share your experience in the comments!

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