We all go through our share of bad days when we feel down, dejected, and dispirited. Be it the pain of being lied to, going through a heartbreak, being let down by a friend, or any of the n number of things which we have to face in our lifetime. 

Coping up with these unfortunate (yet, certain) disappointments can be a challenge. The wretched question of “why only me” pops in our head, no matter how consciously we try to avoid it.

The one thing that helps us sail through the rough high tides is a positive outlook towards those challenges. It helps keep our sanity in check lest we fall prey to a chronic state of emotional disorder.

Sushmita Sen Gives A Life Hack To Help Cope With Problems

Our very own former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen shared her mantra of getting through life hurdles, and it is something that we can all adopt in our lives too! 

You guys often ask me, if I have off days…of course I do! Do I stay positive all the time? Nope, I don’t!!! And even at 45, I still make big blunders in choices, feel deeply hurt, recognise the calculated coldness in being used and the disappointment of being lied to for it…No, none of it escapes me! What I’ve learned though, is that no matter how difficult it is, I must look at it as a karmic debt, hopefully repaid in full! As for the ones causing it, their karma has only just begun!!!

The 45-year-old narrates how she is not immune to making bad choices and feeling used by others. Just like all of us, she, too, has her off days. But, what keeps her withstanding is the belief in karma.

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Karmic Debt And How It Is A Super Pill To Get Through Life

Whatever bad is happening to us (be it due to a decision we made or something that was inflicted by others), it is the karma of our bad deeds in the past. 

We may have hurt others during the course of our lives, intentionally or otherwise. It all comes back to us in this lifetime. It is the debt that we have to pay back by enduring the hard times ourselves. 

Thankfully, the bad times pass!

Similarly, karma won’t spare the ones who hurt us either. Their lives may seem all unicorns and rainbows right now, but there will come a time when they face the consequences of their actions.

When we start looking at the predicaments in life as inevitable and as the result of our very own past actions, they become a little easier to deal with. We stop pitying ourselves, take control of them, and rise through the ashes like a phoenix (sorry for the cliche, but I had to!)

We let go of negative feelings like hatred or negativity towards others and most importantly, ourselves. The blame game stops and the emotional baggage, which would otherwise put us down, is done away with.

Moreover, it makes us wary of our future actions too. We learn to treat others with compassion and it keeps our demons leashed. Because we know that if we hurt others, it will come back to us like a boomerang and hit us just as hard.

Science is everywhere, they say! If you think that karma is a farce concept, then think of it like Newton’s third law of motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 

What goes around indeed comes around!

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