There have been multiple reports released about how the Taliban is constantly making rules and/or changing existing ones to limit the freedom and rights of citizens of Afghanistan. The recent one as per sources is that the Taliban regime is apparently annulling divorces and forcing Afghani women to have to return to their abusive husbands.

This comes just a few days before International Women’s Day and reportedly could be another feather in the cap of the regime that is constantly limiting and restricting the personal rights of its female citizens.

This among other things like educational institutions being closed down, women employees being let go of, and restricting their presence in certain public spaces, women of Afghanistan are fighting a constant battle for even the most basic rights.

What Is The Taliban Doing Now?

As per reports by the AFP, Marwa (name changed to protect identity) an Afghani woman had her divorce to her ex-husband annulled which was granted while Afghanistan had a US-backed government.

Her ex-husband was reportedly abusive and even broke her teeth and former judges and lawyers would grant women living under such conditions “one-sided” divorces that according to reports did not require the husband’s consent.

However, when the Taliban came into power in 2021, her husband claimed that he was forced into a divorce and the commanders of the regime as per reports told her to go back to her ex-husband. Marwa, 40, speaking to AFP said that “My daughters and I cried a lot that day,” and that “I said to myself, ‘Oh God, the devil has returned’.”

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Taliban women divorce

According to an NDTV report, “Lawyers told AFP that several women have reported being dragged back into abusive marriages after Taliban commanders annulled their divorces.”

Nazifa, a lawyer who is not allowed to work in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan has handled several such divorce cases and “told AFP that five of her former clients have reported being in the same situation as Marwa.”

Another lawyer while remaining anonymous told the AFP that “divorces under the Taliban government are limited to when a husband was a classified drug addict or has left the country” and added, “But in cases of domestic violence or when a husband does not agree to a divorce, then the court is not granting them.”

AFP also spoke to a Taliban official “If we receive such complaints (of divorced women being forced to return to abusive husbands), we will investigate them according to sharia,” and when asked if they would still uphold the divorces granted in the previous regime he said “This is an important and complex issue. The Dar al-Ifta (a court-affiliated institution) is looking into it. When it arrives at a uniform decision, then we will see.”

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