New Delhi (India), March 2: A leading SEO marketing firm, O+, announced the successful implementation of its SEO strategy that fostered a prominent Indian fintech startup to achieve remarkable growth in organic traffic and brand visibility. Let us throw some light on the problems faced by the fintech startup.

The Brand’s Challenge: To Stand Out In The Competitive Fintech Landscape

Despite its unique offerings and amazing innovative solutions, this fintech firm had to compete with big sharks in the industry who were ranking on the primary search keyword. The brand recognized the potential of SEO to achieve its goals of establishing a strong brand presence and attracting new customers in this competitive landscape. They partnered with O+ to leverage their expertise in organic search optimization. Here another challenge was the migration of the website because they were planning to migrate their website to another network simultaneously.

Crafting a Powerful Strategy: Focussed On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

The curious minds at O+ took the challenge head-on and devised a multifaceted SEO plan that comprised both On-page and Off-page tactics. The efforts were:

The on-page strategy involved:

1. Extensive keyword research and prioritization: 

Identifying high-volume, relevant keywords tailored to specific target audiences across the web.

2. Meta tag and H1 tag creation: 

Crafting compelling meta descriptions and H1 tags as per the targeted keywords to enhance search engine understanding and user experience.

3. Content and topical relevance:

Developing informative and engaging content that addressed the needs and interests of the target audience, ensuring topical relevance and establishing the brand as a thought leader in the fintech space.

4. Internal linking optimization:

Structuring the website’s internal linking architecture to improve navigation, distribute link equity, and bring organic reach.

5. Content and long-tail keyword research:

Identifying long-tail keywords with lower competition but high search intent to attract qualified leads.

6. Content anchor text plan creation: 

Development of a strategic plan for incorporating relevant keywords within the website’s content to enhance organic ranking potential.

The off-page strategy focused on:

1. Guest blogging outreach: 

Establishing backlinks from high-authority websites in the fintech niche through strategic guest blogging partnerships.

2. Content-based outreach: 

Reaching out to relevant websites and publications with informative content offerings that provided value to their audience and earned backlinks for the brand.

3. Competitor-based outreach: 

Identifying and engaging with websites ranking for similar keywords to explore backlink opportunities.

4. Relationship-based outreach:

Leveraging existing relationships and industry connections to secure backlinks from relevant websites.

5. Influencer-based outreach: 

Collaborating with relevant industry influencers to promote the brand and website through social media mentions and content creation.

6. Niche edits and link roundups:

Getting mentions and backlinks from industry publications and online communities relevant to the startup’s target audience.

7. Crafted backlinks: 

Building high-quality backlinks through profile creation on authoritative websites and forums to enhance brand recognition and search engine trust signals.

8. Contextual links: 

Utilizing Web 2.0 platforms and article submissions to place backlinks within relevant content strategically.

9. Quora activity: 

Engaging in relevant Quora discussions and providing valuable insights to establish Niyo’s expertise and earn backlinks.

10. Competitor link-building analysis:

Studying competitor backlinks to identify potential link-building opportunities.

11. Link syndication: 

Utilizing reputable link-building platforms to distribute high-quality backlinks across various websites.

Handling the Website Migration: The Next Big Step

To complete smooth site migration for the brand’s website, O+ addressed the technical issues in the following ways:

  • Optimizing the website loading speed for an improved user experience.
  • Ensuring proper XML indexing of all pages
  • Resolving all the crawling and indexing issues.
  • Improving the H1 heading tags to enhance SERP’s visibility.

How did O+ make this fintech brand outshine?

Within a span of 6 months, this brand experienced the following results:

  • 79% Increase in Organic Clicks as Compared to the last 6 months
  • 58.51% Increase in Organic Impression
  • 85.19% Increase in Organic sessions (Overall)

These remarkable results give testament to the efficacy and curiosity of O+’s tailored SEO approach in driving organic traffic and brand awareness for businesses in the highly competitive online landscape.

About O+

O+ve is a leading SEO research lab dedicated to helping brands with their tailor-made, impact-driven digital strategies. With a focus on organic growth, O+ve leverages a suite of innovative tools and a network of industry experts to deliver sustainable success for clients across various sectors, including fintech. Based in Udaipur, O+ve is at the forefront of the ad-free revolution, rewriting growth stories through strategic SEO and content marketing.

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