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NXTGEN: A Venture that Companies and Celebrities Want to Work With


Application development companies have become very popular with celebrities and businesses. The services provided by this company in particular, which was born in 2018, are in great demand by its locality and the surrounding area. However, it should be noted that it is already gaining recognition at a national level.

The first big success of NXTGEN was a nighttime app. Its creator had the idea of developing an application that will be used to search for parties and outstanding events that are around you. That was a success in his city, and that’s when he started receiving hundreds of requests from personalities and companies to develop their apps.

His first steps were focused on creating apps for Android and iOS systems. But soon, the founder realized that they could grow further by expanding their market. So today, the company continues with the development of apps, but has added marketing and public relations to its services.

This shows that the business vision of who is behind the company is excellent. By having contact with celebrities, NXTGEN can offer a complete service, design its customized apps, and provide advice on marketing and public relations management. But who is behind this successful company?

Net Kohen, The Young Entrepreneur Behind NXTGEN

Net’s company has been a success, especially when we learned that he is only 20 years old. But of course, to understand the progress, you have to look at everything behind it. It’s not that Kohen woke up one morning and was lucky enough to create the company he has today, it took hard work and perseverance.

All his life, he has been behind developments as a passionate advocate for technology and business. Net started making money from a very young age. His first big success came when he was just 13 years old. At the time, he developed a Minecraft game server that generated thousands of dollars for him.

At the age of 14, Net started developing websites, something that not only made him money, but got him recognized by local companies to get their websites up and running. That’s why it’s not surprising that by 20, he already has a mini empire in the world of technology. Net has been working non-stop since he was very young.

It was at 16 that he developed the idea for NXTGEN. He started his journey in the world of app development. Together with a team of outstanding developers, he took his first steps as a great entrepreneur. During this journey, he had to face enormous challenges, and despite how hard they were, he was always able to get ahead.

The achievements he has made are primarily due to his vision. He has always had a good eye for business. The ability to create apps and technological developments can be learned, but the business vision is something you are born with.

The Short, but Successful Path of NXTGEN

Net created this company when he was only 16 years old, so he had to wait until he was 18 to legally register it as his own. In total, it has been operating for four years, and its path has been full of successes, always overcoming any obstacles.

When he started with the application, he faced one of his biggest challenges: to meet the high demands of the Apple company. It wasn’t easy to deal with this corporate giant, but Kohen and his team’s willingness to take on the challenge finally allowed them to make their apps available at the Apple store.

Today they have grown quite a bit, and their market has diversified through a larger team that now serves customers all over the world. They continue to develop apps for mobile, business, and celebrities, as well as marketing services, where they are at the forefront of new industry trends.

The history of NXTGEN shows what a person can do when they do what they love and have a vision for the business. Net will continue to set the standard in the world of apps, and is working on one that will soon be released, and will definitely give a lot to talk about.

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