The technology sector has witnessed an unprecedented boom post-COVID-19 pandemic. All tech companies are heavily recruiting young graduates to accommodate themselves in the world’s new landscape.

AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and blockchain technology are very much in trend and they will define how the world looks like in the next 5 years.

When we talk about technology, the first word that occurs to most people is “coding”. They immediately visualize a bunch of youngsters sitting together typing codes quickly. But, in the new world, technology doesn’t necessarily mean long lines of complex code that are too difficult to wrap your head around.

Surprised? Well, if COVID-19 taught us anything, it is not to be surprised easily. I am talking about the no-code boom here. No coding technology is when you could design a website, app, or platform without a single line of coding. 

Let’s see how it works and how much potential the industry has.

The No-Code Boom Explained

In no-code technology, people can use platforms that build websites and software. Instead of writing long codes, they build their product through a graphic user interface. It saves an entrepreneur the trouble and cost of hiring software developers and designers.

no-code boom

Although it has been here for quite some time, it only gained traction during COVID. Here’s a story of an Indian woman whose no-code platform got viral. The Hyderabad-based woman contracted COVID-19 during the deadly second wave. After recovering, she quickly got to her feet to enlist COVID resources in Hyderabad.

Her platform got viral in no time. The best part? She did not need to code to build it. It took very little time to build and was easy for her to work upon.

Now the no-code boom is gaining traction in India. Aspiring entrepreneurs who were earlier restricted by their coding skills are now turning to this new technology to start a company of their own.

A US-based MBA graduate from Harvard Business School developed a clone of Twitter back in 2015 just to demonstrate the potential of no-code development platforms. Based on this, he founded his company AirDev which connects entrepreneurs and small businesses to no-code builders.

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no-code boom

Potential Of No-Code Technology

This technology was earlier considered equivalent to handing out toys to children to distract them. After all, all the major companies like Apple, Facebook, etc are built by real coding and not some no-code tech.

However, that mentality is now changing. In the past year especially, this technology improved a lot. The no-code market is expected to be worth $45 billion by 2023. Gartner has in fact estimated that over 50% of the medium and large enterprises would use this for their business. 

India already has over 50,000 registered startups based on no-code technology. The number is only going to increase with more and more people turning to it to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Now, you don’t need to be a tech genius to start your own tech company. All you need is a good vision, and a no-code platform to help you get started!

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