There are certain things that you believe are a prank or could not really be true. However, what a shock when you find out that they actually exist in this time.

Something of the sort happened when on a WhatsApp group chat, someone shared a site called

While most of us on the WhatsApp group had a laugh over how surely this kind of a site does not exist and it is surely just a prank, it does seem to turn out to be a real, actual site.

They then revealed that this site called CodeBabes is actually a coding tutorial website that teaches coding to people but with a twist in it.

The site uses women in a very provocative and sexual manner, using their bodies in order to teach basic coding skills.

What Is This Coding Site About?

Coding has been taking off for some time now, with more and more people taking an interest in the field.

Subsequently, we have seen the rise of several coding websites, each teaching beginner to expert level coding, and promising its students a successful future full of wealth and fame once they are done with the course.

However, surely CodeBabes would be an extremely interesting site to visit just because of how unconventional their teaching methods are.

Using language filled with inuendos and of a sexual nature, their courses in a video format, are all labelled in an R-rated manner.

From courses like ‘Internet Virgin’, ‘SEO Virgin’, ‘Programming Virgin With Javascript’, the courses are all named in a sexual way.

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Also, as per reports, the site goes from the ‘virgin’ level where women are wearing full clothing, with some occasional cleavage, to the more ‘advanced’ level. According to the site, these women will lose more and more clothes as one advances up the lessons.

The sites states,

“Watch the lesson, absorb the info, pass the quiz, and your instructor removes one piece of clothing. How much clothing, you ask? Enough to motivate you. But let’s not get carried away here, we’re an education site.”

The site even has a YouTube page with over 70,000 subscribers with their most popular video having over a million views on it. The channel has over 30 videos on it, however, the last video uploaded was 4 years ago.

These videos although do teach basic coding skills are peppered with innuendos like referring to boners or erections and throwing words like ‘sexy’ and such around.

Their website does state though that, “If we’ve offended anyone, well, let’s just say there are bigger problems in the world to worry about,” with regards to people who have raised objections about it.

However, there are still a lot of questions around the real-ness of this website and whether this is all just an elaborate hoax or prank of some sort.

Media houses like Washington Post and HuffPost have reached out, but it seems they have not really received any reply back.

Even their Twitter page @CodeBabes is not really that active, with the last activity being a retweet made in 2018.

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Sources: Fast Company, The Independent, The Washington Post

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