Incandescence, the annual cultural festival of NIT Silchar emerges as being one of the most colourful, exciting and energetic events in the Northeast that will be held from 13th to 16th February 2020.

From the powerful and energetic rock performances in “Thundermarch”, to the calming and relaxing recitations by eminent poets from across the country in “Kavi Sammelan”, Incandescence has delivered nothing but excellence over the years.

It has evolved as the motivator for many with “Carpe diem”, the night where established stars take the stage, and as a platform to grow and improve on your interpersonal and analytical skills with NITS MUN 2020. 

Nirvana, the ultimate comedy night allows you to laugh your soul out and create a bright future by having happiness in your soul.

The team of Incandescence encourage healthy competition in the form of dance, music, drama, and literary competitions, such as; “Sokratik”, the quiz module and “The Thespian Rhapsody”, which includes acting and film making competitions. “Glitterati” gives you the chance to boost your up confidence, and to walk on the ramp with glamour in front of the mass.

Prom night gives you an opportunity to relax amongst the excitement with your better half and enjoy a romantic evening on Valentine’s day, and V-Warz lets you to form your own squad with your best buds and get your gaming spirit ignited in titles such as CS:GO and PUBG.

Dance is there to express the strongest yet untold emotions. So express yourself in the dance battle of incandescence: Nataraj.

The NITSians also never fall behind when it comes to humanity. They believe it is their responsibility to contribute towards the betterment of the society. This is fulfilled by organizing street plays, blood donation camps, Gyansagar programmes which help the underprivileged children, and steering the younger generation in the right direction through “Razzmatazz”

Incandescence has a tradition of crafting excellence. As participation from numerous colleges rise and with the perseverance to get supreme this year the students at NIT Silchar devote themselves to create the biggest cultural extravaganza, Incandescence 2020.

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