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Nine Influencers to Inspire You in 2020


A​s the pandemic continues to shift our lifestyles and routines, an evolving new normal is coming to light at the end of 2020. Perception is everything. We are seeing a shift towards inspired online communities fostered by dedicated influencers who strongly believe that we can make the world a better place. From food to fashion, business to music, these nine influencers understand the power of social media.

In no particular order, these influencers have redefined what it means to create community while pushing others to live their best lives. As the year comes to a close, it’s all about advice, power, strength, and thinking outside the box.

1​. Julia Faria

The CEO of Julia Faria Brows, Julia, is a premier celebrity make-up artist and beauty influencer from Los Angeles. With a focus on natural beauty, Julia helps women enhance their features with expertly crafted brow services and products that are easy to use. “I attribute my success to my honesty,” says Julia. “Growth, to me, is all about showing women that we can be natural and beautiful at the same time.” This is Julia’s ethos, and it clearly shows through her Instagram @juliafariabrows. Known as one of the top 10 studios in LA, Julia’s influence is captivating.

2​. Felipe Pimentel

T​raveler and lifestyle blogger Felipe Pimentel dreamt of becoming the first in his family to travel the world. A dream he realized through hard work and dedication. Eager and curious to learn more, Felipe launched his blog and Instagram account @fepimentel to document his experiences and share his cultural insight with others. What makes Felipe so inspiring is his belief that influencing goes beyond having tons of followers. Felipe explains, “influencing is the ability to bring good and positive energy to others through our pictures and words.”

3​. Alexandra Nicole

F​ounder of City Chic Living and The Confident Boss Academy, Alexandra Nicole @citychicliving is a single mom blogger with an unfiltered view of life. A full-time national brand influencer, Alexandra takes a proactive approach by putting a high value on local businesses and connecting with fellow blogging babes. Hailing from Memphis, TN, Alexandra believes that women’s empowerment represents the future and teaches other women the ropes through her online academy. “Influence isn’t just about getting people to buy what you are selling,” says Alexandra. “It’s about intertwining your world authentically with like-minded people.”

4​. Sarah Hamel-Smith

A​fter personally dealing with body shaming for years, Sarah Hamel-Smith decided to take matters into her own hands by speaking out and working as a catalyst for positive change in the fashion and beauty industries. By dedicating her life to changing the way society views beauty, Sarah @thecurvytrini found immense success through blogging and social media. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Sarah was signed by TRUE Model Management and moved to New York to continue to become a social media expert and TEDx presenter. Sarah explains, “Influence means using your voice to impact others in a positive way.”

5​. Mark Cuban

E​ntrepreneur and TV personality of Shark Tank fame Mark Cuban’s influence spans from the world of business to the world of sports. A revered figure by many in the entrepreneurial world, Mark is ranked 179th on the Forbes 400 List. Worth an estimated $4.3 billion, Mark is best known for his pragmatic and modern advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. By pushing others to believe in themselves and get up when they fail, Mark continues to be a strong presence in the business influencer world.

6​. Olyasha Novozhylova

Entrepreneur, model, blogger, and celebrity podcast host Olyasha Novozhylova @notbasicblonde_ has worked with iconic brands including Cartier, Steve Madden, Revolve, Tarte, and countless others. A model since she was 14 years old, Olyasha strives to be different and has created a platform that is built on individuality and acceptance. “Things are unpredictable in the world right now, which makes it even more important to stay on top of trends, be flexible, and inspire those around you,” explains Olyasha. “I strive to be a role model and lead by example.” Blonde and indeed not basic, Olyasha is all about fashion and fun.

7​. Sunkanmi

S​unkanmi @sunkanmimusic is a singer and songwriter from Nigeria known for her fashion and music acumen. Featured as the best new artist in 2015, Sunkanmi’s career took off as did her reach and influence. With her hit song YURLUV out right now, Sunkanmi believes that influence encourages others to see life in new perspectives. “Whether it’s through singing or writing, I feel as though I am my brother’s keeper,” says Sunkanmi. “I believe in sharing love through my capacity.” Quickly becoming a worldwide sensation, Sunkanmi has changed how we look at music and influence in 2020.

8​. Kristina Edwards

O​nline entrepreneur Kristina Edwards @kristinadedwards_ blogs about fashion, beauty, hair, and travel with a twist. From Seattle, Kristina isn’t afraid to show off her edgy sense of style and earthy persona. “I find social media fascinating,” says Kristina. “It’s about working smarter, not harder, and gaining credible knowledge about a niche your audience can use.” A mother of four, Kristina collaborates with major brands such as Target, Guess, and Sephora by executing their vision and making the concept her own, reaching people with products, advice, and authenticity.

9​. Jolene Goring

M​rs. Arizona 2020 and best-selling author Jolene Goring @jolenegoring is an internationally recognized whole health expert regularly featured on the Travel Channel, USA Today, Fox, and ABC. Jolene takes an indulgent approach by combining health with experiences. “It’s all about cutting through the noise and finding the best products and tips to live a vibrant and balanced life,” states Jolene. “I love food, wine, and travel, but I believe in balancing it with fitness and nutrition.” Jolene believes influence means choice and giving other women the confidence to create their own high vibe life.

Two thousand twenty has proven that influencer marketing is here to stay, and these specific nine have embraced it in remarkable ways serving their perspectives and the needs of their audiences.

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