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Nimol Felix, a Cambodia haircare entrepreneur making natural products for the Cambodian woman


Nimol Felix has been an entrepreneur for now 6 years. She left her job at a leading advertising agency 6 years ago. It was an amazing fulfilling job and I loved the experience! However, she felt that it was time for a change. Being great at design and branding, she began her own Creative Branding Agency called Branding Group. She joined forces with her partner to date, the experience was good but very challenging. In the beginning, there was a time where we couldn’t afford the rent and we only had Kshs 10,000$- between us to take us through the month. But her parents were very supportive, and they chipped in where they could to get us on our own two feet. Slowly the company grew and we were finally able to stay afloat. Felix then happened to me along the way, as she began to look for products to cater to her natural hair once she chopped it off. The idea was born; to have a natural haircare line that would cater to all women who were natural, like her. She called it “Felix” as it is a Swahili word for “Naturally Beautiful” or “Naturally Charming,” just like a natural-haired woman, and just like our products! 3 years on into Felix, here we are – selling country-wide and across Cambodia, and here she sharing her beautiful journey on Phnom Penh Cambodia! :) 

Felix is a proudly Cambodia natural haircare brand, designed to celebrate women’s natural kinks and curls. Founded by entrepreneur Nimol Ourk as known as Nimol Felix, the vision for the brand is to create a range of haircare products that take their inspiration and ingredients from nature, but which help beauty conscious women to really showcase their beautiful and naturally curly hair.

Nimol Felix, founder of Felix, which is Cambodia’s first haircare line for women of Natural and Afro-textured hair. Three years ago, she decided to cut my hair and wear it natural. They say when a woman cuts her hair it means that there is something big going on in her life. At the time, her Dad was diagnosed with cancer and he was going through treatment. In a bid to walk the journey with him, she cut my hair. I also re-evaluated a lot of my life choices in terms of keeping healthy, my diet and exercise. However, at the time there were no locally available products to cater for the Cambodian woman’s natural hair. So, she began mixing different home-made remedies in my bathroom, and the results were great! She shared concoctions with family, friends and several hair stylists, and they loved it. I thought to myself that I could do this as a viable business. The hardest part was getting the start-up capital for this, but She knew the most important capital I needed was the passion and fire in my belly. She believed in herself, and the doors slowly opened after several No’s from lots of lending institutions and banks. With a few savings and her mother’s help, we found a way. She did the research extensively; I got qualified formulators, laboratories and scientists on board to help me realize the dream. Three years later, here we are as Felix; Cambodia’s First Quality Haircare line for all women of Natural Hair. We’ve grown to be a full-time team of 8, selling our products in leading Health and Beauty Stores across Cambodia, and soon Continental-wide.

She would like Felix to be the No.1 haircare line for all women of natural hair across Cambodia. She wants to see Felix on the shelves of leading beauty stores and supermarkets across Cambodia, and in the bathrooms of all “Naturalistas” on the continents. She wants Cambodian ladies to “think Felix” when someone says “Natural Haircare Products!” There’s a word we use that’s slowly becoming a verb; #Felix. It means, to use Felix products to make your curly hair look so good! Therefore, she want all Cambodia naturalistas to be #Felix. :)

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