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“Never two women loved as sisters do”


By Nikita

Defying the conventional way of writing, I would like to start with a disclaimer: This article might sound to one a bit overfilled with emotions and “effeminate”. Some might not want to spend the next few minutes reading a not very “informative” piece. But to those who wish to give it a chance, this is my personal experience penned down.

Selection of an appropriate topic to write on is always a big hassle for me. After a long and tiring day, such confusion added to my stress (needless to mention the continuous beeps of my whatsapp messages that kept bugging me). Just as I was about to put my phone on silent, it rang. It was my sister. Now this sister of mine is one person who tells me about the minutest molecule of her compounded life (dear sister, no offence meant). Doling out words as soon as I answer the call without caring to wait for a bade from my end is typical of our conversations. “Honey, I love you” said she. My sister being one of the most inexpressive and inscrutable people I know, she obliges me with such greetings only when she either needs me badly or   probably when her emotions overflow. Obviously before I could get the chance to say a word, she started off. “You know what; I am just out of this movie “frozen”. It is awesome. It is our story” And I am like “Hmm”. “You have to watch this today itself. It’s about two sisters and the elder one doesn’t show much love to the younger…”and on she went. Then suddenly she said she has to hang up as her friends were calling her. Wanting to say a bye (though I didn’t get the chance to) I kept the phone aside. After a nano second maybe, it rang again and I picked up without any delay. “Honey, are you okay? You didn’t react like the usual you”. I don’t generally like sharing very small problems with people so I just told her that I had a tiring day. After the confirmation that nothing was wrong with me, she whispered “I love you” and hung up. Now I had a fresher mind and this conversation is exactly the reason why I chose to write on sisterhood.

Of course I am no critic or veteran to comment on a bond as pure as this, all I have to share are my personal experiences. Having a sister is like having the perfect “combo” of a best friend, an advisor, shopping buddy, and style checker and so on and so forth. Luckily I am blessed with elder sisters and they are all very different people. The perk of being a younger sister is that in the process of wanting to be the elder one (who gets the first mover advantage in every situation), you get wiser. One of them pampers me and treats me like her kid even now when I am nearly nineteen. For those who have such elder sisters, they know how comforting it feels. I remember that during my initial days of college life how she used to call me every day, ask me about my day and share her own college memories. But beware, such sisters ain’t very open about the concept of their “kiddo” sister having a boyfriend. Then of course there are sisters of the kind I mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Though she is the one with whom I have all the fights with, she is exactly the one who can go against the entire world for me. I remember how she used to protect me when our mother used to scold us. We are our each others’ “safety nets”. Our mother used to intervene in our fights to sort them and ultimately both of us would unite and gang up against our mother. When any problem of mine soars beyond limits, I just need to call her and she ensures that she handles the rest. The best part of having an elder sister is that being a woman, she herself has been through a similar phase in life. The best part about having a sister is that she won’t judge you, instead understand you. You can kid the entire world, but not your sister.

Writing this article has been a cherry time for me as all my friends shared their sisterly moments with me. A friend of mine who has a younger sister told me that her sister is her absolute vodka. She is such a stress buster. My friend said that the best part of having a younger sister is that she is a patient listener. She can speak her heart out. She said she knows that her sister is hardly able to comprehend her talks and this is exactly why she can cry her emotions out without the fear of being judged. Also teaching a younger sister is like back to school again and going down the memory lane.

More than anything, the best part of having a sister for a sibling is that we are connected as women. Growing up with a sister helps you to bloom into a beautiful lady who not only has her morals and principles intact but also has a strong opinion of her own. Sisters teach you to “work” for what you want and not to settle for what you are given. They teach you to earn, grab, steal, and fight for every opportunity of filling the lives of people around you with colours of happiness. They also teach you to admire, care, love, share and at times also to give up your own happiness for the happiness of someone you love. Growing up with a sister makes your journey from a girl to a lady so much more smooth and pretty.


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