Bollywood Overdose

By Harshita Kain



In the recent years, stars have invaded our lives in each and every possible way. While earlier the presence of Bollywood celebrities could only be felt in cinemas and theaters, these days they can be seen everywhere. Be it on the small screen, newspapers and even on covers of magazines or hoardings.

From Shahrukh to Salman, every actor these days is not doing just films but also judging or hosting reality shows on the small screen or appearing on magazine covers. Karan Johar is no longer just a director but also a reality show judge, a talk show host and has also graced many magazine covers. However, it is really important to understand that whether this overexposure is good or bad for celebrities and how it impacts their popularity.


In a recent interview, Madhuri Dixit pointed out that it was due to the overexposure of celebrities in media that contemporary actresses are losing the enigma of their identities and the diva figure, which the veteran actresses possessed. Stars have reached our doorsteps and knowing them so closely makes us realize that they are normal beings just like you and me and the entire mystery around them is lost. Over exposure of Bollywood actors tends to bore people to such an extent that they no longer have interest to even see their favorite actors.



Promoting a film on reality shows and daily soaps has become the flavor of the season, from the last couples of years but the overdose of film promotion has also destroyed the mood and the zeal of watching the film in theaters.

However one thing is certain that our Bollywood celebrities are just not bothered by this overexposure. As Salman Khan was recently found saying that overexposure does not worry him while Karan Johar was found calling himself as the overexposure king.


On the brighter side, this overdose also tends to popularize these actors and make them a part of our everyday lives. Shows like ‘Breakfast to Dinner’ on UTV gives viewers a special access to the lives of their favorite film stars, help bridging the gap between celebrities and the common people and thus understand them better.


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