“Delhi waaliye ” is an upbeat party song sung by Punjabi singer Neer Punjabi. The main actress in the music video is Silky Shillu. The video is directed by Shanty Kanwar who has been a part of various other hit Punjabi songs. The song is produced by Faiz Qureshi, founder of Reddwings Productions. project by The RTM Entertainment Nirdesh tyagi and Anshika dixit music for the song is given by J Jind the songwriter is Shahdeep and Rapper Chintu Beat.

The music video was shot at three different clubs in Chandigarh. The shooting of the music video took place for three days. To give it an international touch, Russian dancers were included in the video. The video has a mix of both Indian and Russian dancers. Since a lot of people were involved in the shooting of the video, make-up artists from Delhi were hired. Colourist makeup studio by sharad arora, The international models and the singer were prepped by them. 

For the music video of Delhi waaliye , a total of 200 people were cast and the crew was 50 people. The song contains fire breathing, bar juggling, and laser shots which have not been done by any Punjabi songs. The video is packed with such tricks and is different from other music videos.

 The post-production of  Delhi waaliye  song has been started. line producer parikshit gosain, It will be released after the lockdown due to Covid-19. Neer Punjabi decided to make this track after observing the latest trends going on in the party music industry. Some songs make you want to dance like no one’s watching, and others can get a party started after just a few notes. “Delhi  WAALIYE” is a combination of both genres. Its high energy and upbeat tunes will surely make the crowd get out of their chairs and dance the night away.  

Producer Faiz Qureshi is also working on other songs with director Shanty Kanwar and singer Neer Punjabi. He is also working on projects with various other Bollywood singers. All the people involved in the making of the song are hoping that it receives positive feedback from the audience and is played at club parties, Dj, gym and cars.

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