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My Rant Against Birthdays


Growing up through these years, I have never liked birthdays. I mean, why? What is the hype about? Why the buzz and excitement? The last time I was so excited for my birthday, it was 2005. Yes, 10 years ago. Those were the years when all your relatives came in with exquisite gifts, ready for the pomp and show.  You were dressed like a fairy and your cake was pink and three-tiered.


All your favourite dishes were on the menu and all the kids on the block acted like they were your best friends. School was as exciting as it could be. Birthday candies were what we lived for back then! So were birthdays!

Teenage years were the most embarrassing of the lot. Standing at the center of the classroom, having your wild wild friends singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in the most entertaining ways, and me standing there, still, awkward, blushing. Not even a hint of what to say or do. Not so amusing but oh so embarrassing!



Then, I grew up. Doesn’t it sound like the cause of all the frickin’ problems in the world? Trust me when I say it, IT IS. Of late, I don’t enjoy birthdays as much I did. Maybe, some sense made its way into my stupid mind. At the end of the day we are just cheering and toasting to being a year closer to death. That’s sad! Very. Your body is frailer than ever. Your senses moving towards senility. Is that what we are celebrating? Doesn’t sound like reason much! You are the same person you were last year. Maybe, a tad better and competent. You still make the same mistakes you always made. Cheers to that !


In the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, birthdays are the days when we look back at the year gone by and contemplate, what did we actually do? That is the day sadness descends upon us. Friends do drop in to liven up our day but we live by the philosophy, all joy is only temporary. All your birthdays, you wish you could go back in time (except if you are rich) to the good old days when you could be careless and it was acceptable.


My rant against birthdays could go awnnnn and yawwwnnn but never mind. Birthdays are so over rated that even Ra.1 would feel like a blushing bride in front of it. I hope you get what I mean to say.



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