Monsoon time is extremely difficult for the state of Mumbai with annual floods occurring, traffic jams that are hours long and potholes littering most of the roads around.

Massive floods that bring the entire city to a screeching halt, colleges and school are closed, local trains are cancelled with such regularity that it no longer surprises us.

It is thus, even more disappointing that the Mumbai authorities have not taken severe measures in order to protect people and the civic services during the monsoon time.

In such a time, the Mumbai police has often come around as a big help by filling up potholes and broken roads.

On Saturday, the Navi Mumbai traffic department took to the streets and on their own filled up potholes stretching across the 1 kilometre of the Sivon-Panvel Highway.

Mumbai Traffic Police

What Did The Mumbai Police Do?

The Mumbai Traffic Police felt that it was high time something be done when on Saturday morning, the area near Kharghar saw a three-hour long traffic jam.

Apart from that, potholes are the cause of, notices Pravin Pandey, assistant police inspector from Kharghar traffic unit, blocked traffic near the Kopra bridge in Kharghar on both the Mumbai and Panvel side of the highway.

Seeing the bad condition of the road and the amount of tension and discomfort it was giving to the citizens, the traffic officials used the concrete piece and rubble that was left over on the roadside after last year’s repair work.

Pandey stated that, “The concrete pieces had been left on the divider after the road was repaired last year, so we asked our officials to fill up the potholes with them.”

Apparently, learning of the fact that traffic police was doing something that the PWD should have been on, officials from the public works department reached the places and started work on it. However, since it was raining heavily at that time, the police is unsure as to how long the road will remain in good condition.

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Initiative Taken By Someone At Least

No one can deny that for Mumbai the monsoon season is one of the most difficult, and for the most part, one cannot even fault the PWD since there are many other roads and areas that also need their attention.

Thus, the traffic police using their sensibilities and grit, took up the initiative to repair the road at least a little bit so that for the time being, traffic can roll smoothly on it.

Hopefully, this will urge the Mumbai authorities to take some good and concrete measures to fight the monsoon problems for next year.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Times of India 

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