Move Over Hara** And Ran**, DU Students, Bra And Panty Are The New Curse Words

DU students, if you thought you knew all the curse words and such then you are going to be proven oh so wrong.

Since yesterday there has been much noise about the disqualifying of the Kamala Nehru College’s theatre society ‘Lakshya’ from a theatre competition that was organized by the Sahitya Kala Parishad.

Now, a few students from the society are apparently saying that the reason for their disqualification was the fact that they used words like ‘bra’ and ‘panty’ in some lines from their play.

The play, which is called ‘Shahira Ka Naam’ is about 6 college girls, who are apparently making their own play in the play. But basically, the play has a lot of insight of how girls live in hostels, their experiences, how they talk in such a setting and more.

After their performance, there was an announcement that informed them that they had been disqualified from the competition.

DU students

So What Really Is The Reason?

Well that is difficult to say as the members of the society are saying something different and the organizers of the competition are saying else entirely.

One of the students in a Facebook post wrote about it and recounted how a judge apparently said this to the theatre society- ‘ran**, ha**mi, bolne mein koi dikkat nahi hai, you think about what else you’ve said’.

While Neha Sharma, the coordinator has said that “The society has not been disqualified, they will only lose marks because they’ve broken the rules about obscenity. Not just words like bra and panty, they’ve used several other cuss words, too,” she says. She adds that other colleges who have used cuss words in their plays will also lose marks.

Okay, but why are words like ‘bra’ and ‘panty’ even categorized among cuss words in the first place?

I get if the organizers feel words like even ‘pagal’, ‘besharam’ and such innocent words are not appropriate, however what exactly is inappropriate about the normal undergarments that every woman on this planet wears?

DU students

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So we know what a cultural and sankaar-sheel country India is and there is no dearth of people, telling us, reminding us and proving to us that our culture is oh so important.

And while some might say we are the land of the Kama Sutra and Ajanta and Ellora Caves, but that does not prevent us from showing major discomfort when shown even a hint of what actually goes on beneath our clothes.

But wait… aren’t we the same ones that go crazy over item number songs like Munni Badnam, Gandi Baat, Fevicol Se and so many more?

Oh no no, you misunderstand me, all these instances are passable, nothing really that wrong with them.

But one must never ever ever speak about the undergarments that women wear.

Yes, women, because that is just against our culture and not something we want to promote.

It is different when it is an item number in a film and the dancer is prancing around in barely anything.

But in normal conversation, the mere utterance of ‘bra’ or ‘panty’ is just so much worse than innocent cuss words like har*** or ra***.

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