♫ ‘Tis the season to pass judgement,

Fa lalalala, la la la la ♫

Yup, it’s that time of the year when we try to overcome our guilt of wasting the past 12 months by scrutinizing who’s done what in the celebrity world.

But, for a change, let’s give those superficial lists that rate desirability quotients a break. After all, desirability is a personal take and cannot be generalised. Instead, let’s rest our judgements and give a pat on the back to some young men who have made us proud in the past year and for whom we hope the new year will be even more promising.

For this purpose, today we travel to the southern end of the nation to seek out the macho Malayalee men of Kerala. Here’s my list of the most desirable promising young lads who did us proud –

1. Dulquer SalmaanDulquer Salmaan

If there’s one thing an actor requires other than talent, that’s charisma; and this guy just oozes charisma. All the initial qualms over whether he’d live up to his MEGA superstar dad, Mammooty’s, reputation have vanished and Dulquer has firmly established himself as a New-Generation superstar in his own right. If you haven’t watched him on screen yet, I highly recommend ‘Bangalore Days’ and ‘Charlie’. 10 minutes in on his screen-time and you’re bound to fall in love. With multiple projects in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, we’ve got high hopes for this young lad.

2. Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian - Most Promising Young Men In Kerala

Capturing hearts all over the country with his own personalized style of stand-up comedy, Kenny Sebastian has become a name that needs no introduction. While he never fails to keep the general audience entertained with his genius mix of music and comedy, you can always pick out the Malayalis in the crowd eagerly waiting for him to slip in the occasional Malayalam word. Charming, witty, talented and humble, there’s no way we could refrain from adding Kenny to this list. Brownie points for popularizing the word ‘paavam’ among non-Malayalis.

 3. Sriram Venkataraman

Sriram Venkataraman - Most Promising Young Men In Kerala

Brainy, brawny and bold – all the things Young Kerala loves about this no-nonsense, badass IAS Officer. He made big news earlier this year with his daring measures to evict land mafia in Munnar, a simmering issue which had previously been hushed up. He is the only civil servant who has been figured on Times of India’s list of Most Desirable Men in Kerala.  Sriram is now a rage among the youth and is proving to India how sensible youngsters can bring about positive changes in the society.

 4. Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas - Most Promising Young Men In Kerala

A fresh face with the perfect combo of effortless screen-presence and rugged good looks, Tovino was an instant hit among youngsters. He became a poster figure of masculinity and he set a trend with his bandholz beard. Tovino arrived on the big screen after a brief career in modelling and has been on a winning streak ever since his first appearance 5 years ago. Just this year, his show-stealing performances in ‘Godha’ and ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’ proved yet again that there’s more to him than just a chiselled physique.

5. C. K. Vineeth

C K Vineeth - Most Promising Young Men In Kerala

Young Vineeth is a proud prodigy of football-crazed Kerala. This midfielder of the Indian National team and the Kerala Blasters FC, captured many hearts with a memorable season last year. In spite of a crazy fan following, Vineeth expels an aura of humility, living up to the meaning of his name. He won the State Youth Commission’s Youth Icon award (2016-17) for “the key role he played in several wins secured by Kerala” [The Hindu].

6. Sooraj Santhosh

Sooraj Santhosh - Most Promising Young Men In Kerala

This young artist is what’s hot on the music scene right now. Sooraj Santhosh spun into fame as the lead vocalist of the band Masala Coffee and has only gone up from there. A versatile playback singer as well, he has recorded tracks in an impressive number of languages. The young star hit a milestone last year when he won the State Award for Best Singer. In an age of musical wannabes, Sooraj’s music, which is deeply influenced by his classical roots, fills in the need for raw, honest music and inspires blossoming artist to be true to their selves.

Let me know who else you think should make the list in the comments section below. Spread encouragement, not judgement. Cheers to the new year!

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