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Moral Guide On How You Should Behave At A Rock Concert


By Tanisha Tyagi

Are you going to be attending your first rock concert in India? No? Second? No? Third? Ah, never-mind.

Because it doesn’t matter which concert you’re going to be ticking off of some ‘Before I die’ list you made back in seventh grade. EVERY concert is going to be a different experience for you.

Do's And Don't For The Crowd To Follow
Crowd Behaviour At A Rock Concert


Well, my first rock concert happened in the middle of Board Examinations and the one thing which I learned from it was – Don’t get too excited about booking the tickets on the morning of the exam, you might forget your admit card and reach 30 minutes late to the centre.

Well, lesson learnt and never repeated.

Anyway, there are certain, very basic pointers on how to maintain a congenial environment and keep up with the festive mood of the concert. Surely, nobody tells you about this because, yeh toh common sense hain, yaar!

Attend It but know what to do
Coldplay Concert In India

But don’t worry. We’re going to discuss the “dos” and the “don’ts” of a concert here and help you to make it the most memorable day of your life. (And also make sure that you don’t do any such shenanigans and ruin someone else’s night.)

  1. Firstly, be a kind and gentle audience. Nobody likes to be pushed and shoved.  Hence, stop. The band doesn’t want to see how strong you are and neither is the stage a cornucopia where you NEED to reach first in order to retrieve the weaponry. ( Please get the Hunger Games reference)

    Be Kind
    Enjoy And Let Others Enjoy
  1. Arrive early. Well, no matter what, there’s always going to be some shoving, because everybody wants to grab the artist’s hand. And to avoid that, you should reach the venue as early as possible or as long as you are willing to stand. When you reach first, go stand right in the front if there’re no seats assigned and hold onto that position for your dear life! So, for a two hour concert, reach two hours early.
  1. Carry a handbag to keep ALL of your stuff. Never go to a concert without a bag if you’re going to be carrying tons of things in your hands.  Never a good idea. Plus you’re responsible for your own stuff; keep a bag to ensure you don’t lose anything. Keep your hands free to mingle with the band and to catch that plectrum!
  1. Excuse me; my friend is calling me to the front, thoda jaga doge please. Um, a lot of people do this to move to the front line. This is still acceptable as long as there’s no shoving but annoying nonetheless!
  1. Please stop talking. Your voice is the discord to the band’s harmony. A comment or two in between songs is ok but if you’re going to be talking about the day you heard that song and where you heard it and why and how and ugh.  Stop! Go to the lobby or lounge (if there’s one) or go outside and watch the concert online when you get back home and do the commentary then.
  1. We’re all great singers. We know. They don’t. It’s always great to sing a song everyone knows the lyrics to and it makes the band feel happy. But if the song is a soft and quiet one, try to sing it to yourself or just hum or, you know what’s better? Just listen to the band and enjoy, because that’s what you’re there to do.
  1. Tall people please don’t take this away from the minions. If you’re really tall and there’s someone shorter who is having troubles because of you, help them move in front of you because, how is it going to affect you really?
  1. It’s a romantic song, or not. You guys just can’t keep your hands off of each other and that’s none of my business. But it becomes my business when you start making out right in front of me. Too much PDA. So, please “Go a find a room, geez”.

    PDA is not good always
    We Cringe And Feel Forever Alone!
  1. Smoking and drinking. Keep this to a minimum. Don’t get blistering drunk and don’t smoke in an enclosed area.
  1. Lastly, go only if you know the artist/band. It’s every important that you at least know the band or the artist when you go for a concert.  It makes the experience so much better; otherwise you’re going to end up feeling bored and crib to a true fan about how the band sucks so much. Ahem. You know what happens after that.

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