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6 Dumb Articles That We All Love To Read


Let us not kid ourselves by saying that we only read quality content on the internet. Because honestly, the ratio will go somewhat like 70:30 with 70 being dumb articles and 30 being actual quality work.

And even in that 30, at least a quarter of it will be some form of nonsensical topic that has a more serious take on it.

However I understand the problem too, the media and internet itself are providing us with these things, it’s almost like they are working to dumb us down further and further.

You all must be wondering why exactly am I going on this long and extensive rant on the reading habits of the people of this world.

This is because I’m going to do exactly what I just berated and do a listicle on the 6 really dumb articles that we all love to read. And you know what, you all are going to read and love this too:

1. Love/ Relationship Tips Articles:


This would be the first dumb article that we all hate and yet always seem to gravitate towards sometime or another. Whether you are in a relationship or not, straight or gay or whatever your orientation is, female, male or trans, doesn’t matter.

These articles have that one thing that we are all searching for and that is love and then how to keep it fresh.

We all get lured in by articles about how to make your sex life great, whether you will even find love or a number of other things.

2. Conspiracy Theory Articles:


Ohhh… I cannot forget this one can I?

I have to say that I myself am guilty of reading and even enjoying these kinds of articles. I personally just love to read conspiracy theory articles, especially if they contain mentions of aliens or mutants.

Whether it wondering where Amelia Earhart went? Bermuda triangle? Who killed John F. Kennedy or any number of those.

3. Gossip/ Scandal Articles:


Gossip or scandal articles are perhaps the worst thing that exist in the world right now. It is these that allow Drumpf and all to thrive and hey even win elections.

Who is dating whom, who is cheating, why are they wearing normal clothes, what exactly is this person out doing with their partner?

Can we just push these kinds of articles off of a cliff?

4. Best Of Luxury Items Articles:


Again I raise my hand as guilty in this matter.

I and most of us know that we will probably never own any of these ultra luxurious items that we are looking at, however does it stop us from browsing them or finding out what price are they and etc, nope it does not.

Cars, watches, clothes, shoes, jewellery, makeup and more, you name it and people will have that one best of luxury list that they can spend hours looking at.

Mine are vintage cars and jewellery. Sue me.

5. 5 or 57 Kinds/ Types Articles:


Yes, this is the article I am guilty of writing and you are guilty of reading.

At least this is still only 6, these days there are even 57 or 120 kinds of listicles that when you start, you better get comfortable, because it isn’t gonna end anytime soon.

6. Animal Listicles:


Animal listicles… wait, no. Who am I kidding, these kind of listicles can never be dumb. They are cute and adorable and make laugh my guts off sometimes.

But still, perhaps we can make them a bit more special?

I sign off this article as someone who has written a listicle. That’s all.

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