January 27: The travel company aims at helping millennial and Gen-Z travelers build lasting memories through its trips.

Mindflix Holidays, a travel company headquartered in Mumbai, helps youngsters build memories worth cherishing with its trips. Not taking the conventional route of limiting trips to sightseeing and adhering to the itinerary, Mindflix Holidays focuses on personalizing the journeys of young travelers with trips worth remembering for the rest of their lives.

Over time, the travel company has gained the trust of youngsters and educational institutions alike, forming a network of more than 1,200 college ambassadors who help Mindflix Holidays plan stimulating college trips and industrial visits.

Jay Vora, the founder of Mindflix Holidays, believes that the company redefines college trips for young travelers in the country. He says, “The time spent in college includes some of the most exciting days of a person’s life. I have always wanted people to get rid of the notion of college trips and industrial visits being monotonous and boring. With Mindflix Holidays, we focus more on the travelers than the destination, curating trips that are etched in their memories forever.”


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