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Million Dollar Arm- The clichéd biopic.


When Mad men, Life of Pi, Slumdog millionaire leads come together then it’s time for the million dollar arm. Nah… I’m just kidding. It’s just another seriously clichéd bio pic about a sports agent in the verge of losing his job, career, etc. who manages to find some magic in the always showed unclean filthy streets of India. Well sitting a little further, post the first half makes you feel that you are approaching Chak De India again.


It’s a typical sports movie designed to make you feel good and show that usual form of an underdog lead, triumphing over adversities. But what you’ll go back home is with a smile on your face. The narrative is strong enough to melt even a hard hearted person. John Ham as JB transforms effortlessly as a character whilst helping three poor and less sensible recruits from India. His struggles through the tough times that enhance his self-discovering traversal, is shown in a little too exaggerated manner that over a period of time you begin to predict. Suraj Sharma and Madhur Mittal who play the baseball rookies, learn the sport in a seemingly natural way as one supposed to when he/she originated from the slums of India.

The portrayal of India is as usual as in every other Hollywood flick with filthy streets and less knowledgeable people that it’s tiring to watch. But the plot was very much supported by a wonderful background score by A.R.Rahman who precisely composes the exact kind of music at such explorative moments in the movie. Well what you’ll pretend to think is usual, is the drama in the movie. But since it’s a biopic and a little fictional portrayal of the happenings in the life of these individuals, it’s very much essential that the melodrama exists to support the narrative.

Well if you are Mad men crazy and have a thing for sports movies then you’ll definitely enjoy this two hour long bio-pic. It’s a must watch for those who love baseball.

Final note:- it’s stretchy yet you’ll sit through it to eventually watch the predictable ending.




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