The country mourned the sad demise of ex-prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 16th August and even more, the death of hundreds in the unprecedented highly catastrophic Kerala floods.

But very strangely and awkwardly, several youngsters of this country are not sad about either of the two big shocks to the country. They’re rather showing hatred and communalism.

Hatred For Vajpayee: Never Seen Before Satisfaction Of His Death!

Awkwardly disconcerted in their hatred against the late ex-prime minister, Twitter was loaded with some ugly comments on Vajpayee calling him a terrorist organization founder, communalist, mass murderer and what not!

Some don’t even think he did anything good as a prime minister and accused him of killing India’s secularism.

This young gentleman came to the apparent rescue of those who don’t understand and despised Vajpayee of giving all his speeches in Hindi. 

Perhaps this highly concerned man who doesn’t speak Hindi, should’ve tried tweeting in all the different non-Hindi languages of India for everyone to understand.

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We Understand Politics. But Hatred Even For Kerala?

There is absolutely no point in showing inhumane behaviour towards a state struck with a disaster which has left it in shatters.

Eating beef brought the floods to the Christians and Muslims of Kerala – youngsters now

Some spoke about floods coming unto Kerala due to them eating beef with brazen assurance. They attribute the floods to divine wrath directed towards disrespecting Sabarimala and their God.

If beef was the reason for floods, many places not only in India, but around the world too should drown in water. Someday soon these young people will come up saying eating chicken causes earthquakes.

Are we MILLENNIALs really getting influenced by one-sided stories and wrong ideologies? Maybe we are taking too much liberty of the fact that the youth is allowed to speak more than anyone else in this country and social media is an additional bonus to the hate talk.

Most of the Vajpayee hate comments came from a mindset that he never supported any non-Hindu and made BJP a totally Hindu Communalist party.

No exact proofs say so, but our generation has a very unique way of adapting a stubborn mindset based upon what they hear, and not what the truth is.

This ugly side of the youngsters of India is really disheartening to see, and comments made by them are even more difficult to digest. 

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