Varna Bhat, who has already founded two companies in Goa, has always wanted to enter the alcohol beverage sector. This led her to start Blisswater Industries, the parent company that makes Rahasya Vodka. 

Varna Bhat

After a simple conversation with her friends, she came to a realization that India hardly had a renowned signature drink. This gave birth to a truly Indian vodka- Rahasya in December 2020. This sip-able vodka costs around Rs 850 for a 750ml in the Goan market. 

Truly Indian drink

IAS to starting up

Her journey into entrepreneurship and branding was so just by chance. She was preparing to become an IAS officer, as she always wanted to. She excelled at academics and was also the batch topper. 

She worked for an organization while also studying civil services. The mentors at the organization were from the branding world. They were creating a course for creative sciences—that’s what got her into marketing leading to the foundation of her first start-up. 

She has been working since she was 18. She did several jobs and got her Master’s in Business Administration before she decided to start her venture. Since then, she has successfully come up with two companies that are doing well now. 

Making of ‘Rahasya’

When asked about what makes this drink so special and Indian, Varna said that every sip should bring back memories of happy, drunk times and give people the feeling of nostalgia. Sure, India has several drinks that are found in many parts of this country. But not one drink is recognized by all. 

Bottoms up!!

Rahasya Vodka

It’s all about the taste and thought behind it. She wanted to create something relatable to all. And this made her think about what this Indianised drink should taste and feel like. After a team put together a few bends that were approved by 80 percent of them, they went ahead with Rahasya. 

Bring back that nostalgic feeling

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The team uses the best quality of grains and raw materials for creating the secret sauce, just a few know about ingredients. This sauce is made separately and sent to the units, where it is infused in the vodka and rested for 35 to 40 days, then bottled and made ready for parties. 

Ready for parties

Pandemic And The Market

Rahasya was to be launched in May 2020 but plans were postponed due to the pandemic and lockdown. She used this time to focus on her brand and to get prepared for next year. The drink was finally launched in December 2020. 

The market for homemade breweries is growing and companies like Bira, White Owl, Makazia, etc., do play a vital role in this. The Annual Growth rate of the Indian alcoholic beverages market is expected to be at 7.4 percent between 2017 and 2030, earning a good $39.7 billion. 

Ready to be shipped overseas

Rahasya is expected to be available across Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and other states, by the end of 2021. Blisswater also has plans to make the vodka available overseas by mid-2021.

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