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Meet The CEO Helping 1,000 Families And Businesses Build Credit During The Pandemic


Founded by experienced financial services executive, company offers attorney-based credit repair 

NEW YORK—Dec. 10, 2020—Credit Brilliance, the company that enables families to become homeowners through attorney-based credit repair, announced the debut of its new Credit Builder Guide. The Guide is part of Credit Brilliance’s proven program of credit repair. It offers credit education that clients can use to restore their borrowing ability and advance in their lives through buying a home. 

“This is my business, but I will also say it’s really an honor and a privilege to have helped hundreds of families move up in the world over the last few years,” said Joann, CEO of Credit Brilliance. “It’s easy to get into trouble, credit-wise—I know this from my own life experience—and it can seem like it’s never going to end. However, there are solutions, and we have shown, over and over, that it is possible to repair credit and become qualified to take on a mortgage and build up personal wealth through property ownership. This is the problem we solve.” 

As President and CFO of Credit Brilliance Credit Repair, Joann has built the highest-rated credit repair company in the area following the blueprint she created for herself when her own credit score dropped to 474. “This’s why I started this,” she explained. “Because I dug myself out of the hole that I had created. This blueprint enabled me, my friends, my family and hundreds of clients to join the 700 credit score club.”

Joann also brings over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry to the role. She started her career working at high performance brokerage firms such as Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, working with tax and compliance for high-net-worth individuals during the 2008 recession.After leaving that firm, Joann went on to work for the public sector in the State Economic Development Department as a Compliance Officer. In that role, shehelped America’s small businesses obtain funding for working capital after natural disasters.

Joann also served in positions in the mortgage industry in both client services and defaults. She added, “I’ve seen people have it all, but I have also witnessed situations where families lost it all during economic uncertainty.It’s a must to launch this as a tool that so many of our clients are in need of.” In 2018, with the purpose to promote financial literacy and help 1,000 people purchase their first home, she opened Credit Brilliance. 

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