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Meet Steven Dorn, The Serial Entrepreneur Behind the More Accurate Follow-Up to Netflix’s Tiger King, “Tiger Kingdom,” Focusing on Doc Antle 


Steven Dorn is the young serial entrepreneur who has built his brand on curating culture. The entrepreneur has experience in many markets with cultural cachet including, but not limited to, fashion, music, film, sports, and nightlife. Dorn’s deep expertise has not only landed him a feature in Forbes but it also has given him access to plenty of high-profile and celebrity contacts. Most recently, Dorn’s newest venture Couch King Productions is responsible for putting together the unofficial sequel for the smash Netflix documentary, “Tiger King.” Going behind the chaos of the original, Dorn’s new docu-series, “Tiger Kingdom,” is already making waves in the media with features in People and Elite Daily precisely because it focuses on the real story.

The Tiger Kingdom docu-series will set out to correct the misconceptions in the original documentary by focusing on Dr. Bhagavan “Doc” Antle instead of Joe Exotic. Antle wants to bring the focus back to helping the animals, which Exotic’s antics and personal beef with Carole Baskin took away from. This new docu-series will not only clear up any misconceptions from the first documentary, but it will also, hopefully, allow Antle to raise positive awareness for his international tiger conservation work.

Beyond raising this positive awareness, this new series will focus on the nuance of this often-debated yet celebrated industry. The docu-series touches upon Antle’s time as Joe Exotic’s mentor as well as Antle’s work with The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.), which is a wildlife preserve in South Myrtle Beach that he owns and offers up-close encounters with the exotic animals housed there.

Dorn knew that Antle had previously blasted the salacious nature of the original Netflix documentary focusing on Joe Exotic as well as Carole Baskin’s recent stint on Dancing with the Stars. Dorn, who is a wildlife conservation enthusiast himself, set out to make a more serious docu-series that went beyond the gossip of the first series and included real information about the big cat and wildlife conservation industry.

With “Tiger Kingdom,” Dorn has a hit precisely because of the series’ ability to walk the line between legitimate information and entertainment. While the series covers the meaningful work Antle is engaged in, it also goes into the glamour, danger, and heart of the business as well as Antle’s unorthodox life. Antle made news in the first series by revealing he has three girlfriends at the same time, a situation he currently maintains.

With another round of COVID-19 lockdowns potentially approaching, this new docu-series will be gracing our screens at the perfect time. For more information and updates about the release, please visit With their pandemic safe production plan in place, we are excited to see what Dorn and Couch King Productions do next.

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