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Meet Professional Athlete and Marketing Expert, Elise Anderson


Elise Anderson is a 24 year old serial entrepreneur from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is also an accomplished track star who graduated from the University of Connecticut (UConn) with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications.

Elise Anderson is President of Anderson Consulting which is a luxury business advisory where she is able to provide business funding, merchant services, private jets, yachts, islands and luxury rental cars. Anderson Consulting is a multi-service consulting company, where they serve all their clients with over 20+ services and partnerships that are available for all our clients with start ups, small businesses, and that need personal funding solutions.

In addition, Elise is the Vice President of Hier Marketing. The company has a network of 25+ Million organic Instagram followers between 5 pages where, she promotes and advertises for companies, brands and celebrities. Also providing  organic followers, active engagement and blue check verification.

After a year in Miami, I officially started my own business called Anderson Consulting Corporation then eventually partnered with my business partner Kendrick Martinez with Hier Marketing LLC. Currently the President of Anderson Consulting, where I am able to provide yachts, private jets, private islands, luxury rentals, business funding, Automatic Vault Machine and much more! After starting my business in July, I partnered up with Kendrick’s business where I am now the Vice President and we have a 25+ Million Follower network on Instagram where we promote and advertise for many different brands, companies, and celebrities.


(Hier Marketing)

Hier Marketing is the tool you need to accelerate your (or your client’s) growth, engagement, and overall presence on social media.​

We proudly manage some of the most engaged Instagram accounts since 2017, with a network of over 25 million followers. We’ve grown clients such as @FashionNova, @GaryVee & more! ​As one of the top online communities available to professional Instagram users, Hier Marketing will take your social media presence to the next level!

Hier Marketing’s network helps you gain thousands of real followers by making your posts go viral via the Explore Page. We leverage our knowledge of Instagram’s always-changing algorithm, and the power of our network, to exploit Instagram’s algorithm in your favor. On average, Instagram only shows your posts to about 10-12% of your followers. When your post lands on the Explore Page, the reach becomes infinite. The more your posts show up in the explore page, the more your posts go viral.

How do we help?

Hier Marketing has a network of 25+ million followers that come from some of the biggest meme pages on Instagram. We take into account your niche as we leverage this network to build your followers and/or increase engagement. These are real followers, so like any real person, they will unfollow you if your content isn’t to their liking. By shouting you out from our network of 25+ million, we are able to grow 10,000 followers in 1 week, 100,000 followers in 4 months, and 1 million followers in 8-10 months. “It’s really a promotion and we are just shouting you out from our network and whoever decides to follow because they like your content will follow and that is why providing quality content is important. For example, if Kylie Jenner gave you a shout out right now on her story for 30 minutes and she has 177 million followers don’t you think you would grow followers on your page? Of course you would! The point is we do not have 177 million followers but we do have 25+ million between 5 pages that we run/own where we are able to shout that person, brand, or business to grow their followers organically.

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